Things Guys Wish You Knew About Sex

We know just how important sex is for every healthy relationship, which is why we believe it’s good to be curious about how you can keep your partner satisfied under the sheets. With this in mind, it isn’t out of the ordinary to wonder what guys think about sex!

So, we have put together your go-to guide to discover what guys really wish you knew about sex, along with some of our top tips and tricks on how to pleasure a man.

Communication is Key

When it comes to the world of sex, men and women can tend to like and want different things. What a man wants in a woman in bed, or a guy in bed, is going to differ from person to person, which is why communication and consent between partners is so important.

If you’re sat wondering “what do men like about sex?” just remember communication is key - ask him! Talk to your partner and find out what he does and doesn’t like and what he’s curious to try. He’ll love the fact you want to know what pleases him but make sure you have an open mind to allow him to feel comfortable telling you what it is he enjoys.

Be Vocal

Men love it when you are vocal in the bedroom, so be confident with it. Dirty talk can really take sexual chemistry to new heights, it can be uncomfortable to start with, but don’t underestimate how seductive it can be in the long run. Taking your man on a verbal fantasy ride will drive him crazy and lead to some of the best moments inside (or out) of the bedroom.

Being vocal doesn’t just stop at dirty talk. It can be a massive turn on when you reassure him vocally, moaning during sex will not only boost his confidence and self-esteem, but also make him feel good about his performance in bed. Let him know how you feel and how you want it. Nothing pleases a man more than knowing his partner is enjoying it too.

How to Pleasure a Man: Great Foreplay

Whether it be arranging romantic scenery in your home, teasing throughout the day or simple kissing, foreplay is one of the ultimate ways to build up the sexual tension, and men love it! Especially if you are the one to initiate the flirty foreplay.

Aside from him enjoying being on the receiving end of foreplay, you too can find enjoyment in pleasuring him. But what turns men on during foreplay? A great place to start is exploring and stimulating his erogenous zones to get the blood rushing. Of course, the male pleasure pressure points differ to the female pleasure points, so read our guide to find out where on his body he might like to be touched and kissed, but also, let him explore yours.

Whether you’re a foreplay pro or usually skip to the main event, we have some great foreplay tips for women and men, in our foreplay guide.


Men’s fantasies often involve thoughts of roleplay. It is an exciting way of adding a touch of fun in the bedroom. So, why not put your acting skills and creativity to the test, devise sexy scenarios with costumes and props to add the oomph that he’s afraid to ask for!

Whether you are a cheeky maid putting him in his place or a naughty student getting told off – a lot of men like the idea of using power dynamics and scenarios that would be frowned upon if they were done in real life. Roleplay is all about having fun, enjoying one of his fantasies will turn him on and spice up your sex-life. Browse our sexy roleplay costume collection and bring his fantasies to life!

Kinky Things Guys Like in Bed: Powerplay

Many people have sex fantasies however vanilla or saucy they may be. Some may feel a sense of shame or embarrassment when it comes to discussing their thoughts about sex but opening up and bringing them to life can in fact improve your sex life. It’s all about communicating with one another to find out what makes him tick and equally importantly, what makes you tick. For a lot of couples introducing powerplay can bring that extra fire and adventure into a relationship. Why not switch up between being the dominant and the submissive? Just like men are turned on by the women taking the reins, they also love it if you let them dominate you in bed – from cuffs, blindfolds, and sensation play, find out what kinky things you both enjoy. It’s important to be open minded and create an environment where you both feel comfortable to discuss your likes and dislikes.

Powerplay isn’t for everyone, but for more insight into this, read our ultimate beginners guide to bondage and BDSM.

Threesomes, swinging, sexual fluidity

The more the merrier! According to an article published in Archives of Sexual Behaviours, a threesome or group sex is up there as the most common male fantasy. If you’re both on board with being in an open relationship, try a threesome. Your man maybe turned on by the idea of either being shared or sharing you with another participant. This allows both you and your partner to go on a journey of sexual exploration together. Are you or your partner attracted to the same sex too or curious about it? This is a perfect opportunity to act on your curiosities! Read our guide to threesomes for more tips and information.

Switch Up Positions: Explore More Sexual Positions

What are men’s favourite sex positions? Everyone is different when it comes to what positions they like in bed. Some may find the excitement in the bedroom may be fizzling and begin to get bored of doing the same thing repeatedly, so it’s important to mix it up a little.

Find new positions that work for you and your partner and keep the passion alive between you both – if you need a little inspiration, check out our sex position guides for more ideas and in-depth details about sex positions.

Who said to keep it in the bedroom? Sex doesn’t always have to be done in bed. Try a different room such as the bathroom, dining room, living room, or even the stairs. Be creative with your environment - trust us, your man will love it as a change of scenery can create some excitement.

There you have just some of the things guys may wish you knew about sex. As well as all of the above, don’t forget to suggest introducing some extra excitement into the bedroom in the form of our sex toys that are perfect for a wild night between the sheets.

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