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Our range of anal toys is designed to tease, titillate, and pleasure to new levels of ecstasy. Whether you're looking for anal toys for beginners or you're a bit more experienced, from small to large anal toys, we’ve got it all! Our anal beads, butt plugs and much more await you in our selection of the best anal toys. Just ensure you’ve got plenty of lube at the ready and check out our Anal Sex Guide if you need some beginners tips! If you're looking to add some extra fun into the bedroom with your partner, don't forget to check out our sex toys for couples collection which includes everything you’ll need to explore and experience new levels of pleasure.

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How to Use Anal Toys?

Anal toys will have different features but one thing they have in common is they go into your anus. First thing to do is start small and warm up your bum using a finger or two, then gradually work your way up from smaller toys to larger ones.

What are Different Types of Anal Toys?

There are many types of anal toys including dildos, anal beads, vibrators, prostate massagers, butt plugs and more. Each toy has their own design features and give you different sensations.

Can Anal Toys be Used Solo or with A Partner?

Both! Like most sex toys, anal toys can be used for self-pleasure, or they can be incorporated into sex with a partner.

Are Anal Toys Safe?

When used correctly, yes. It’s important to remember that the tissue in your anal canal is tender and can tear easily without warming up or using lube. Do not insert your anal toys into your vagina right after they’ve been in your anus as this can spread bacteria and potentially cause an infection.

How to Clean Anal Toys?

To prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, you need to clean your anal toys thoroughly before use. Most anal toys can be cleaned with soap and warm water or with a toy cleaner designed specifically for sex toys. Some may require sterilisation in boiling water. To be on the safe side, check the instructions on the packaging.