The Male Erogenous Zones you Should Know About

Ever wondered what the most sensitive part of a male body is to really get your man going? Well, we all have these wonderful pleasure points on our body that take our excitement to the next level, and these are what we call erogenous zones. Play with these pleasure points on your man’s body before and during sex and the heat will instantly turn up a notch.

We’ve already gone into detail on the erogenous zones for women so let’s dive into where these sensual spots are for the men out there.

What is an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is an area of the skin with heightened sensitivity that excites your sexual senses when being touched and stimulated. These areas can make you feel both relaxed and aroused and are the perfect pleasure points to lead to a sensual orgasm. So… do you want to take your man to a mind-blowing sensual place? Let’s get to know the best places to touch a man to drive him crazy!

What are the erogenous zones for males?

There are many erogenous zones for males including universal areas such as the ears, lips, neck and nipples – these all feel equally great for men as they do for women, and it can give you the control to drive them wild. There are also several additional male erogenous zones you can experiment with such as the balls, perineum and prostate (plus many more!) that are all guaranteed to heighten sensitivity.

Although there are many male pleasure pressure points to explore, below we’ve put together our top 7 erogenous zones for males that will have him begging for more.

The Balls

The scrotum is packed with nerve endings making it extremely sensitive so go easy – don’t bite or grab as if you put on too much pressure the skin will lose its sensitivity. Make sure you take his lead on how much pressure he enjoys and start gently by licking, sucking or stroking to take him to new heights, eventually adding more pressure if required.

The Perineum

A second sensitive spot for your guy is the perineum – a sensitive patch of skin beneath his balls. Gently stroke or massage this area while you play with his shaft – it will lead to an unforgettable orgasm!

The Prostate

This is one for when you’ve really got going, and definitely one to discuss together before you play. Located just inside his bum, the prostate is also referred to as the P-spot. The reason? Stimulation to this area can do for him exactly what the G-spot does for ladies, resulting in a much more intense sexual experience. The prostate can be massaged using a finger or a prostate massager – just make sure you use a lot of lube and communicate on what feels good.

The Nipples

Nipples are another one of our top male erogenous regions but it’s important to note that not all men enjoy this area been touched. Some men may have very sensitive nipples and like the feeling of them being caressed, while others aren’t fond of stimulation in this area so be sure to chat with your guy about this one first. If nipple stimulation is something your guy is into, gently run your fingers against them and kiss and suck them softly to get his senses tingling.

The Ears

Just whispering sweet nothings into his ear about what you want to do with him is enough to turn him on. But to really step things up, lightly kiss, suck or nibble on his earlobes and his arousal levels will go through the roof.

The Neck

The nape and back of the neck can be another male erogenous zone that is sure to please. While there may be other areas you want to explore, the neck can be a highly sensual spot that will leave your man breathless. Gently caress the nape of his neck and then make your way to kissing it. Whether this is during foreplay or when you’re doing the deed, your man is going to love this one.

The Hands

When you think of male erogenous parts being the most sensitive parts of the body, hands probably aren’t the first thing that springs to mind. However, we all know that hands do so much of the work during sexual play, but you may not realise that they are full of nerve endings that hold a lot of tension and can be a huge turn on. Start by massaging your man’s hands to release the tension they hold and get him feeling relaxed. Work your way through putting your fingers through his, leading to you putting them in your mouth and sucking on them – trust us on this one, he’ll be all over you.

When it comes to discovering which erogenous zones your man loves, open and honest conversation is key. Explore new areas and discover new sensations but remember if you’re partner’s not feeling it, then stop. The idea of these pleasure spots is to please, so if you both have fun and are honest on what you like and dislike, your bedroom will soon become a hot spot.