How to Have Sneaky Sex this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas is a time for family – whether you have kids that are home for two weeks, or you’re spending the Christmas period with parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents, or the in-laws, you need to be on your best behaviour. No one wants to get caught or hear their relatives getting up to some festive fun in the next room. If you’re wondering how to have quiet sex this Christmas, we have the perfect tips to make sure you can get you can still get a little naughty without letting the house know! From quiet sex toys to the most discreet positions, read on to find out more.

Quiet Sex Tips

Silent sex can be a thrilling and intimate experience which is beneficial when you’re around family. The slower movements are key components of tantric sex which help build a better sexual and romantic connection with your partner.

Stick to the missionary or spooning positions so that you can increase your skin-to-skin contact with your partner and send sensations around your body. The missionary position is great for allowing you both to kiss – a great way to stop loud moans and screams.

If you’re being penetrated and want to take control by getting on top, try the (reverse) cowgirl position. Being in control of the penetration will allow you to choose what speed and depth are best for you, which in turn, will allow you to control your volume.

Another top tip is to breathe through your nose. Not only is this quieter than mouth breathing, but it also engages your diaphragm, pelvic floor, and abdominals, increasing the sensations you experience.

Timing is Everything

Another thing to take into consideration for quiet sex is the timing. When is the best time of day to get it on? If you and your partner are home alone momentarily whilst the rest of the family have popped out, that might be the best time to get a quickie in! Alternatively, wait until the middle of the night, or early in the morning, when it’s likely that everyone else in the house is asleep. Be conscious that not everyone might be, so keep the noise down to avoid any awkward conversations over the breakfast table!

Add extra background noise

Additional sounds can help drown out any noises that you might make when you’re getting busy with your partner. Music is a great idea during the day to avoid suspicions, but during the night we’d opt for TV noise – just don’t have the volume too loud otherwise you might have family members come knocking. Another option if you have an ensuite is to get the shower running. Better yet, why not jump in the shower together? We’ll get to that one later on…

Avoid squeaky beds

Avoid vigorously creaking the bed and slamming the headboard against the wall by bringing the action to the floor. You’ll have more control over movement and stability, so hopefully, your midnight romp isn’t heard throughout the house - unless the floorboards are squeaky which means you’ll have to go back to the drawing board!

Focus more on foreplay

Slow movements and sensual acts are less likely to send vibrations through the house. So, if you know you’re a bit of a loudmouth during penetrative sex, set the intercourse aside and focus on foreplay which can be just as fulfilling. Take turns pleasuring his or her erogenous areas and blow each other’s minds with minimal volume. Send your endorphins wild and tease one another throughout the day without getting caught. When no one’s looking, give your partner’s bum a cheeky grab. If you’re sat opposite your significant other at the dinner table, caress their legs with your foot. The urge to be all over each other will reach unprecedented levels!

Move it to the shower

Shower sex is a great idea if you need to meet your sexual needs over the holidays. If the shower space is big enough for the both of you, take your sex session to the bathroom. Though shower sex can be hot and relaxing, there is a risk of slipping. So, leave the shower running and use the bathroom sink, floor, or toilet for leverage.

Opt for discreet sex toys

A sex toy is a classic solution for those wanting to enhance their sexual pleasure but if you’re worried about the buzzing sounds of vibrators penetrating the walls for all to hear, fear not with silent sex toys! Silent vibrator toys are your new best friends. Our range of quiet vibrators work wonders when trying to keep the noise minimal. Read our full guide on discreet toys to find out more.

Though your living situation might not be ideal this Christmas, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the Christmas day sex. Our top tricks and tips will ensure that your sex drive is satisfied, without getting caught! Plus, the extra communication that goes into this will strengthen the bond between you and your partner and the added thrill of being sneaky will send your endorphins wild!