How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

Have you ever found yourself wondering just how many calories you burn having sex? A session in the bedroom can leave your heart racing, your muscles aching, and you breaking a sweat – all that must be good for your fitness levels, right?

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but sex may not burn quite as many calories as you think. However, you can increase the workout element of sex by choosing certain positions and adding subtle variations.

Interested? We’ve detailed some of our favourite sex positions to turn up the heat, and the calories burned, during your next session.

Does Sex Burn Calories?

First things first, the question on everyone's lips – ‘does sex burn calories’?

The simple answer is yes. Any physical activity, especially one that increases your body temperature, quickens your heart rate and leaves you sweating, is going to burn calories. And the good news is, while sex will burn some calories, there are actually a whole range of further health benefits that come with a session between the sheets.

Alongside putting in some cardio, strength and flexibility training, sex also releases endorphins which bring about psychological and emotional wellbeing, meaning spending more time in the bedroom could leave you feeling fitter, more content, and in a more positive mood. Win-win!

How Many Calories Do You Burn During Sex?

So, we know that sex burns some calories, but how many? Perhaps frustratingly, it’s difficult to attach an exact number with any sort of scientific accuracy. Calories burned during sex depends on a range of personal factors, including your age, weight, fitness level and the intensity of your bedroom antics. Generally speaking, 30 minutes in most positions will burn the same number of calories as a light 30-minute walk, and the average woman can expect to burn between 50-150 calories during 30 minutes of sex.

Of course, there are always steps you can take to turn your time in the bedroom into more of a workout. Longer sessions with higher levels of movement and intensity will obviously burn more, while turning up the heat (literally!) can increase calories burned – think hot yoga vibes!

You can also make small changes to your usual sex positions in order to amp up the number of calories burned. Try adding in some ab tenses during missionary or practising your squats when you’re on top.

Best Sex Positions to Lose Calories

If you’re looking for the best sex positions to burn more calories, we’ve gathered together a selection of our favourites. These sex positions not only offer extreme amounts of pleasure, but will also help increase your strength, flexibility, and calories burned in the bedroom. Let’s take this from making out to working out!


Let’s start things off with a classic – missionary. Your partner gets a good workout in here, using upper body strength to hold themselves up and hip movements as they thrust, alongside working on their core stability. In terms of cardio, this is a low-intensity position for us women. However, thrusting back and tensing can work your core and give your abs a light workout.

To take missionary up a notch and introduce a yoga-esque element, try transitioning into the Get it Up position by placing one leg on your partner's shoulder. This slight variation won’t just help improve your overall flexibility but will allow for deep, G-spot penetration, taking you well on your way to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is ideal for ladies who like to take control of speed and depth in the bedroom, and also leaves you in a great position for orgasm-inducing clitoral stimulation – try using plenty of lube for even more intense sensations. And in terms of a workout, there’s more great news - being on top provides one of the best workouts when it comes to sex, as the person on top is generally using the most energy.

To burn even more calories, strengthen muscles and tone your hamstrings and glutes, try switching it up and riding reverse cowgirl in a squat position.

The Inverse Dip

Get ready for a position that will make you feel totally uninhibited. The Inverse Dip will send blood rushing to your head, and (if you keep your balance) will offer you both a whole new perspective on lovemaking.

Have your partner help you get into a shoulder-stand position. Grab the back of his thighs for balance as he enters you from a whole new angle. The sensation will feel completely different from any position you’ve tried before, and with a pillow under your shoulders, it’s much more comfortable than it looks.

Doggy Style

Deep penetration and a great view for your partner make doggy style the number one choice for many couples. Doggy style involves you supporting yourself on your hands and knees, while your partner enters you from behind. The angle of this position means they’ll hit all the right spots, while their arms are free to reach around and offer you some additional clitoral stimulation. To really turn up the heat, why not introduce a bullet vibrator?

If you’re a fan of this position, you’ll be pleased to know it also provides a pretty good workout! The positioning and movement of doggy style means that you’re working a variety of different muscle groups, including your core, quads and hamstrings, as well as your arms and shoulders as you hold yourself up and thrust back against your partner. For your partner, core muscles also come into play, giving them a nice ab workout. As an added bonus, you both put in a little cardio – all while experiencing intense pleasure. Who said working out had to be hard work?!

The Erotic V

The Erotic V offers a strength workout for both of you. To nail this position, have your partner kneel down. You then wrap your legs around their waist, while they support you by holding onto your bum. For your partner, holding and lifting you to meet their thrusts is essentially an arm workout, while you’re tensing and working your core.

If you’re not already sold, this intimate sex position offers full-body contact, meaning you’ll enjoy direct clitoral stimulation while your partner can also lick and suck your nipples as you bounce. This combination of internal and external stimulation is the perfect recipe for an intense blended orgasm – you can thank us later.

The Bridge

If you’re looking for a position that provides both of you with a great workout, you need to try The Bridge. The Bridge isn’t necessarily one for beginners and may be trickier to master the first time but, we promise, it’s well worth the extra effort!

Your partner should begin on the floor in a crab position. You then straddle on top, supporting yourself by putting your feet on the ground, and using your thighs and bum to move up and down. You’re essentially performing a squat, except much, much more pleasurable! This position requires a good deal of arm, leg and core strength from both of you, but is incredibly satisfying – in more ways than one – once you’ve got the hang of it.

The Health Benefits of Sex

While, unfortunately, sex may not burn off serious calories (not enough to turn in the gym membership, anyway), any kind of physical activity helps contribute towards your physical health – and the sex positions we’ve discussed above are all great options if you’re looking to mix things up in the bedroom while working on your strength, flexibility and fitness.

Plus, sex offers a whole wealth of additional perks alongside just feeling great. Extra time in the bedroom doesn’t just help improve physical health but brings about a number of emotional and psychological benefits, leaving you feeling happier, more content in your relationships, and in a much better mood. Reaching orgasm can bring further health benefits, including relieving pain, warding off illness and keeping you young. As if you need another excuse!