Ann Summers Ltd Modern Slavery Statement 2022/2023


We, Ann Summers Limited, are committed to prioritising and improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain. This statement sets out the steps we have taken during the year ending 30 June 2023 to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

Key Focus Areas

Throughout the period ending 30 June 2023, our focus has been across three key strategic areas:

  • Improving transparency across our ‘Ann Summers Own Brand’ and ‘Partner Brand’ supply chain.
  • Undertaking further due diligence across our supply chain and identifying areas of risk.
  • Implementing improved governance and controls.

Our focus during FY22-23 has been to improve how we connect with our goods for resale (product) suppliers, in a post-pandemic world. We recognise that the activities we undertake can impact the livelihoods of a significant number of people, and so our priority has been to advance transparency across our supply chain.

A proactive approach on transparency, ensures we can continue to protect the welfare and rights of employees in our organisation, and the workers throughout our supply chain.

Organisations tructure, business, and supply chains

Ann Summers (UK) Holdings Limited is the immediate and ultimate parent company of Ann Summers Limited. Ann Summers Holdings Limited is parent of a group of companies whose principal activities are supporting the business activities of Ann Summers Ltd.

The principal business activity of Ann Summers Limited is the retail, wholesale and marketing of lingerie, apparel, adult toys, and related accessories. We sell through our 85 stores in the UK, Ireland, and Jersey, operate a UK based web channel that serves both UK and International customers, have a well-established third-party sales channel, and distribute products through our network of Direct Selling Consultants.

Our headquarters are based in Whyteleafe, Surrey where we select, design, source and create our product range. We employ over 1100 people across the UK, Ireland and Jersey, and our main distribution centre is based alongside our head office in Whyteleafe.

We work with around 40 suppliers across 58 factories to design and manufacture our ‘Ann Summers own brand’ products and an additional 30 other ‘Partner Brands’, who supply their own branded product to us. Our product supply chain is global, with factories based across Asia, Europe, the USA, and the UK.

Policies and controls

As a responsible retailer and employer, we have appropriate policies and contracts in place that underpin our commitment to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking within our supply chain.

  • Dedicated in-house compliance team – We have recruited a dedicated sourcing and compliance team to manage supplier compliance and accountability.
  • Appointment of supply chain partner – We have engaged an external supply chain partner, SEDEX, to provide greater transparency and more comprehensive audit information of the manufacturers and factories that form part of our product supply chain, including information on wages, working hours, general sustainability, and ethical practices.
  • Closer monitoring of product suppliers – We are in the process of undertaking individual reviews of each of our product suppliers, which will allow us to quickly identify and address any compliance issues.
  • Product Supplier Code of Conduct – We have developed and distributed a Code of Conduct which sets out our zero-tolerance approach to forced labour. The Code Of Conduct expressly prohibits any form of forced labour, child labour and slavery, demands lawful, safe and healthy conditions for workers, and encourages workers to be provided with fair wages, employment security, respectful treatment and freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. All of our product suppliers are required to sign up to as part of their product supply contract.
  • Whistleblowing service – We offer an independent Whistleblowing hotline service, operated by SeeHearSpeakUp, so that both our employees and the workers throughout our supply chain can report any suspected human rights violations (including slavery and people trafficking) directly to a designated member of our Board by telephone or web portal.
  • Whistleblowing Policy – Use of this service is encouraged by a Whistleblowing Policy that provides a clear and practical reminder to employees and workers of their right and responsibility to raise concerns they may have around perceived wrongdoings. This Policy expressly provides for the protection of such whistleblowers.

Due diligence and audits of suppliers and supply

We recognise that it is within our product supply chain where we have the highest risk of encountering practices that could amount to modern slavery. As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate this risk we undertake due diligence on our product suppliers.

  • New suppliers – We fully audit all new suppliers to ensure that their practices adhere to globally recognised business standards and regulations. The due diligence includes seeking references and obtaining recent audits and appropriate certifications and documentation of all new factories.
  • Existing suppliers – We conduct an annual review of all product suppliers using a self-assessment process which is required to be substantiated by evidence of their practices, processes and procedures. If the review identifies areas of concern, these are investigated and appropriately managed with the supplier.
  • Communication and escalation – The results of each audit and review are communicated to the business and serious concerns are escalated to the Board so they can be managed in accordance with this Policy.
  • Independent audits – We are working towards ensuring that all our factories are independently audited by a third-party partner.

Assessment of effectiveness in preventing modern slavery

We recognise the need to keep Modern Slavery risk on our agenda and will continually assess our policies, controls, and training (both internally and in conjunction with our suppliers) to ensure that this risk is mitigated.

This statement was approved by the Board of Ann Summers Ltd.