Wand Vibrators

There is something very magical about the thrills a wand vibrator can give you. A vibrating wand is a great way to focus intense vibrations on those clitoral nerve endings and give you a seriously spellbinding result.

Taking vibrators to a whole new level, these magic wands can fit discreetly into a bag or luggage for a naughty trip away, or are just as effective used in more familiar quarters at home. If you’re looking for a sex toy to bring unbridled joy, it’s time to enjoy mesmerising and exhilarating fun with a magic wand vibrator from Ann Summers.

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More About Massagers and Wands

Intrigued about the magic a wand massaging vibrator could bring to your bedroom antics? Here’s some more on this classic but much-loved toy…

What is a Wand Massager?

A wand massager has all the powerful vibrations directed to its microphone-like head. Your wand vibrator is for more than just orgasms like you get with a vibrator or bullet – it can also be used as a wand massager for a relaxing and sensual evening in or extended foreplay. Our How to Use a Wand Vibrator guide will get you started.

Why are Wand Massagers So Good?

The fact that wands have been around since the 60s speaks for itself! The intense vibrations that come from the head of the toy make it ideal for everything from full body massages to mind-blowing orgasms. These magical toys are a multi-functional pleasure giver!

Why Choose a Body Wand Personal Massager?

Every sex toy collection needs a wand massager. The fact that these toys can be used for more than just giving orgasms makes them perfect for an evening with a glass of wine and a facemask or a sensual session between the sheets. Everyone can enjoy a wand.