How to use Lube

Everything You Need to Know About Lube

We think lube is so underrated when it comes to sex and sexual pleasure. Why? Because it can totally transform your sex life in ways you never even knew were possible! Many people consider lube as something that exists purely to fix an issue. And yes, while lube is great for helping with feminine dryness or other conditions, its benefits can go way further than that. So, why use lube? Lubricants can add something new and spectacular to your sex life, enhancing sensations and increasing arousal. Trust us – if you’ve not experimented with lube yet, you’re missing out on a whole world of pleasure!

Want to know more? If so, read on and find out everything you need to know about using lube to transform your sex life in our lube guide.

What is Lube?

Sexual lubricants are silicone, water or oil-based liquids used to add moisture during sex. This added moisture and reduced friction helps things glide smoothly, ultimately amping up the pleasure while making things that little bit more comfortable.

Lube is a great addition to the bedroom whether you’re playing on your own or with a partner – basically, this is one essential item made for everyone’s bedside drawer!

What is lube used for?

Lube can be used for a variety of reasons, helping take any sexual experience to new heights. Some may use lube to help counteract feminine dryness which can be a natural result of many causes – ageing, childbirth, hormones, treatments and medication; even stress. Some women may use lubricant to make sex more comfortable, or simply to increase sensations and arousal.

But what does lube do for a guy? Good news - despite the misconception that lube is purely for helping out us girls, lube also helps turn up the pleasure for men. After all, for any kind of sex, the wetter the better! There are a variety of different lubes that can create a whole new world of different sensations for both men and women whether as a couple or solo. Lube can also be used during foreplay, oral sex or during masturbation, with or without a toy. Really, the possibilities are endless!

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How to use lube

When and how to apply lube is completely up to you. Some like to reserve lube for bigger toys or anal play, some apply right before penetrative sex, while others use lube to bring a wet and wild element to foreplay – the choice is yours.

One top tip we will offer is to manually warm up your lube before application. Even when it’s stored at room temperature, lube can feel very cool when applied – not a surprise you want when you’re getting into the moment! So (unless you’re into that sort of thing!), rather than squirting it straight onto the skin, we’d recommend rubbing some between your palms in order to reach a comfortable body temperature.

How much lube should you use? As much as you like, and as often as you need or want it. Below we have put together our list of the best lube for sex which will help you choose the perfect one for you and your partner!

Best lube for vaginal sex

One of the most common ways to use lube is for vaginal sex – and there’s a good reason so many people use it that way! Lube not only increases smoothness and moisture during vaginal sex but also stimulates all those nerve endings, increasing sensitivity and arousal. Sex has never felt so good! We'd recommend our Silky Water Based Lube for a natural feeling during intimate play.

Are you using lube with condoms? Top tip – adding a small drop of lube to the inside of the condom just before he puts it on will make things feel fantastic. He can thank us later!

Best lube for anal

Up for experimenting with some anal play? Lube will quickly become your new best friend. Lube is a must for any kind of anal activity, whether you’re playing with a toy or a partner. Unfortunately, this area doesn’t create its own lubricant, so you can thank your lucky stars for anal lube. And, when it comes to anal and lube, the more the better!

Thanks to hundreds of nerve endings, lube helps to intensify the sensitivity of your anus, opening the door to intense amounts of pleasure. There are even specific anal lubricants designed to help the muscles relax, which is particularly helpful for beginners. These anal specific lubes are designed to protect you even more than regular lube, providing a cushioning effect that reduces the risk of any cuts or tears. So, you can relax and enjoy anal play without the worry of discomfort.

With anal, you want a lube that won’t dry out quickly, so the thicker, the better. This makes silicone-based lubes a great choice for anal. Silicone lubes are much more viscose meaning they are more slippery and last for longer. Plus, they can be used with latex condoms – it’s a ‘yes’ from us all round! Be sure to steer clear of any lubes with tingling or numbing properties during anal. You want to be as aware as possible during anal play to avoid any damage.

Once you’ve got the tools, learn from the experts with our beginner’s guide to anal sex.

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Best lube for oral sex

Just like any kind of sex, oral can sometimes come with its own dryness and friction problems. But even if not, lube is a great way to enhance pleasure and make your oral technique feel even better – a win-win for everyone!

‘But, is lube edible?’, we hear you ask. Most lubes out there are safe to swallow (just be sure to check the product description first!), but too much of a mouthful may not be pleasant. You might want to use lube more sparingly during oral sex anyway, as your mouth is generally already ready to go. Try adding a small amount to begin with and seeing how you and your partner enjoy the sensations. If you’re concerned about taste, don’t worry - our flavoured lubes are so good, you’ll want to keep going back for more!

Going down on your guy? Add a slick of your favourite flavour of lube to your lips for a totally different experience or try adding lashings of lube to your hands for one smooth ride.

Going down on a girl? Apply a few drops to the clit to make those 8,000 nerve endings tingle.

How to use lube effectively

  • Masturbation - Lube isn’t something to be reserved for sex with a partner – it’s also a fabulous addition to solo pleasure. Whether you’re using your fingers or your favourite toy, lube can take your solo play to the next level.
  • Women - Make the trip to the big O a whole lot more fun by applying a couple of drops of lube to your fingers, slowly massaging into your clit and labia. You’ll instantly notice the difference, with heightened sensitivity and an extra, satisfying sensation. For a solo session you’ll never forget, why not play around with tingling or warming varieties?
  • Spread a sizeable amount of lube onto your palm and fingers and get to work. Add more if you need it and just lay back and enjoy. It really is that simple!

Explore our guide to transforming your sex life with lubricants for more information on the best ways to use them!

What can I use instead of lube?

We get it – sometimes you have products already at home that seem like an ideal substitution for lube. They’re sitting right there, so what’s the problem?

Well, when it comes to finding the right thing to use on those personal areas, you need to be sure you’re using a product that isn’t just going to feel fantastic but is also 100% safe to use. Let’s take a look at the most common substitutions that you should definitely avoid.

  • Baby oil - It’s light, it’s slick, it’s inexpensive and it feels good. So why can’t you use baby oil as lube? While baby oil is fine when used externally on the skin, it can increase the risk of vaginal infection. A definite no from us!
  • Vaseline - When it comes to lube replacements, many think instantly of Vaseline. However, petroleum jelly is incredibly thick. While this means a high staying power, it also makes Vaseline messy to use and difficult to clean up. Plus, because of this high staying power, Vaseline can hang around a little too long, increasing the chance of bacterial growth and infection.
  • Moistuiser - Many moisturising lotions and oils may also contain nasty chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your most intimate parts, so it’s safest to opt for something specifically designed for sexual use. Leading us neatly to…

What is lube made of?

Silicone, water and oil-based are the three main types of lube. Each one has different benefits, and you should choose the lube for you and your partner based on your needs.

tube of Ann Summers water-based lube

Water-based Lube

Water-based lubricant is the best lube for sensitive skin, particularly those that do not contain perfumes or colourants. Water-based lube is one of the most popular lubricants on the market and is best suited to certain types of sex more than others.

DO use for:

Vaginal sex, masturbation, oral sex and sex toys.

DON'T use for:

Anal sex

tube of Ann Summers silicone-based lube

Silicone-based Lube

Silicone-based lubricants are the second most favourited lube. This type of lube is very slippery adding double the pleasure, however, it can’t be used with silicone sex toys as they can break these down over time, they are also more likely to stain sheets than other types of lubricant.

Note that while silicone lube won’t damage condoms, it can cause damage to silicone sex toys. Stick to water-based if you’re playing with a toy.

DO use for:

Vaginal sex and anal sex.

DON'T use for:

Any sex toys that is made with real-feel materials or silicone.

oil based lube

Oil-based Lube

Oil-based lubricants are one of the longest-lasting lubes, but they aren’t compatible with condoms as they increase the chances of the condom breaking down. They tend to feel creamier and last longer than other types of lubricant though.

DO use for:

Masturbation, sex toys.

DON'T use for:

Any sex when using a condom.

Ready To Get Wet?

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