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The Essential Guide to Massage Oil

Setting the right mood in the bedroom (or wherever you are with your partner) is just as important as any other part of intimacy. This can include anything from simply talking to your partner about sex through to lighting a few candles.

Massage is a tried and trusted way to improve intimacy with your partner, as well as build a great connection before and during sex. From tantric massage to a simple shoulder rub, there’s one ingredient that’s a must-have – massage oil. This unsung hero of the bedroom can make or break your massage, and here’s why…

What is massage oil?

Ok, this might seem like an obvious question. Everyone knows what massage oil is, right? Well, it might not be so simple. There are all kinds of oils out there that you might use for your body, from baby oil through to coconut oil (and even olive oil), but does that mean they’re all the right kinds to use for a sensual massage?

What does massage oil do?

Well, massage oil is totally different from those oils already mentioned for a reason. As massage oil is designed to lubricate the skin and reduce the friction caused by a massage, it’s made up of much lighter oils than many body oils, helping the hands glide more smoothly across the skin. Massage oil is also designed to remain on the skin a little longer before soaking in, meaning it’ll remain throughout the course of the massage.

Why use massage oil?

Ever tried having a massage without any oil? We wouldn’t recommend it! As we mentioned before, the whole purpose of using massage oil is to reduce the friction caused by skin-to-skin contact. If you don’t use any oil, whoever is receiving the massage will most likely end up finding it less sensual and more a form of punishment (we’re not going into beginner’s bondage here, guys!).

Massage oil isn’t just great for stopping friction though; there can be so much more to it than that! Many massage oils include essential oils and flavours, meaning that you can help set the mood even more with relaxing scents for a sensual feeling.

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How to give a sensual massage with essential oils

Having the right massage oil and setting the mood is one thing but being able to give a sensual massage is going to make or break your romantic evening. Here are some vital steps to help you get it right and have your massage game perfectly on point…

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Set the mood

Setting the right atmosphere for a sensual massage can’t be underestimated in its importance! This means making sure the room you’re in is nice and warm (nobody wants to lay there freezing) and the lighting is set right – a couple of lamps or turning a dimmer right down will do the job nicely. Aromatherapy candles (especially scented) are also perfect. Basically, get that harsh lighting off!

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Get your oil ready

Set up your oil and any towels before you get started. You don’t want to be rooting through drawers trying to find the things you need for the job; that’s a sure-fire way to ruin the mood! Once you’re ready to apply the oil, warm it up in your hands so it’s not a shock to the recipient and their skin – that’ll ruin all the hard work you’ve put in setting your relaxing atmosphere. A liberal amount of oil will get the job done, just make sure you don’t apply too much, or it’ll be running all over the place.

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Take it steady: fingers then thumbs

When it comes to technique, try to use everything we’ve ever taught you about sex – start off slowly and patiently! Nobody wants a deep tissue massage to get them warmed up for a passionate evening, so it’s all about using a gentle and sensual touch. Start by using your fingertips to gently caress your partner, then as you go on you can increase the pressure and eventually move to your thumbs with a ‘kneading’ motion. Remember, passionate and purposeful with every touch.

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Use a toy

Vibrators aren’t just for sexual stimulation; they can also feel great when used as part of a sensual massage. Using a bullet vibrator or wand will allow you to send intense vibrations through your partner’s body, tingling those nerve endings and really sending them into a state of pure relaxation. As the massage goes on and things get steamier, you can then move your vibrating toy down to those more sexual areas for a very happy ending!

Can you use massage oil as a lubricant?

If you’re looking to use massage oil as a lubricant for sex, hold that thought right now. We don’t recommend using oil on your vagina or vulva. The vagina is an amazing thing and can self-clean, however it takes much longer to clear oils, and it can lead to potential infections and other health problems.

If you’re in the market for something to help lubricate sex then we have one recommendation for you: that’s right, lubricant!

A sensual massage can be the perfect way to kick off a sensual evening with your partner and massage oil really does hold the key to giving you the best possible experience. View our full range of massage products to take your intimate massages to new heights.

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