Sexy Santa – Christmas Outfits & Roleplay

Christmas is coming and soon you will be too. If all you want for Christmas is some steamy sex, it’s time for you to indulge in a bit of festive roleplay. Bring a whole new meaning to the season of giving by gifting your partner their most treasured present yet…a night with a sexy Christmas character who’s ready to make their most erotic dreams a reality.

If dressing up is your bedroom go-to, we recommend slipping into a fiery festive number this Christmas – from naughty elf costumes to sexy Mrs. Clause outfits, make your partner drool in a sexy Christmas outfit that brings out your alter ego. For a little domination, also introduce some props to ruffle up those bed sheets and bring your festive fantasies to life. From sex ideas for Christmas to red-hot festive outfits, take a read of our guide and you’ll be in for a very merry Christmas.

Sexy Christmas Outfits

Whether you’re a regular at roleplay or have only ever flirted with the idea, Christmas brings with it some of our sexiest bedroom outfits to date, meaning there’s no better time to play dress-up. Dressing up is perfect for luring your partner to the bedroom and teasing them beyond their wildest dreams before gifting the mother of all festive treats. From taking on the role of a saucy Santa to playing one of Santa’s naughty helpers, these role-play ideas were collated with those on Santa’s naughty list in mind.

Sexy Santa outfits

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit behind closed doors, fully immerse yourself in the festivities in a saucy Santa outfit. Take on the role of a sexy Santa and feel liberated to release your sexual inhibitions and treat your partner to the naughtiest gift on their Christmas list. Get into character in a sexy Santa dress and complete the look with some matching red stockings. For an added Christmas surprise, pop on some crotchless lingerie underneath your sexy Santa outfit and let them look but not touch as you seduce them into bed.

Before the games begin, establish a power dynamic by asking your partner what sexual desire they want saucy Santa to fulfil this Christmas. As they share with you their dirtiest wishes, gradually undress them layer by layer until you have their bare body to play with. Show them who’s boss by remaining fully clothed in your sexy Santa outfit throughout, only unwrapping your greatest assets once you’re ready to get under those covers.

Sexy elf outfits

For added playfulness, why not dress up as one of Santa’s naughty elves? Notorious for being hard workers, take on the role of a Christmas elf and put some added graft into pleasing your partner. Maybe the raciest outfit in the Christmas collection, our sexy elf outfits can be worn with your hottest suspender belt set and finished with a pair of power heels, empowering you to be a dominant Christmas elf who punishes naughty behavior with whips and paddles.

Fully enact the role of Santa’s dirtiest elf by asking your partner to call you “bad elf” and “bad elf” only. Through dirty talk, engage in a game of seduction and confess to your partner just how bad Santa’s elves can be. As you’re an elf, you’re fresh from the toy shop so remember to bring with you to the bedroom some Christmas gifts that will set you up for a night of intense pleasure. If you’re into sex toys, bring a dildo and use it to tease your partner - lift the hem of your dress using the tip of the dildo to reveal your panties before inserting it to give your partner a taste of what’s to come.

Sexy Christmas lingerie

If dressing up isn’t quite your thing, you can still transform yourself into a Christmas treat your partner will be begging to unwrap in some sexy Santa lingerie. Keep it classy in a matching bra and pants set and if you want to flaunt your Christmas puddings, opt for a classic push up bra or peep hole bra. To make it festive, choose Christmas coloured lingerie including red and green sets and make your partner feel as though all their Christmases have come at once when you strip off and reveal what’s been waiting for them underneath your sexy dress.

Christmas sex ideas

We know you don’t need an excuse to get hot and steamy under the covers, but Christmas brings with it cold wintery weather meaning there’s no better time to turn up the heat in the boudoir. Christmas sex can be as extraordinary as you make it so here are some of our favourite Christmas sex ideas to make your jingle bells rock…

Shh! Quiet Christmas sex

Whether you’ve hosting family or you’re sleeping over at your mums, dads, aunts or uncles – no matter the situation, having company in the house over Christmas means you’ll have to master the art of having quiet Christmas sex. Whilst you need to control the volume of your moans and groans of pleasure, there’s no need to put a stop to indulging in a bit of fiery festive fun. Noise control is key - if you’ve got a creaky bed, try out the floor or take it to the shower room where the noise of running water will drown out the inevitable sounds.

If you’d prefer not to risk getting rumbled, avoid the sex and maximise the play. Use quiet sex toys to pleasure yourself and your partner and although real life penetration might be tempting, resist temptation and the overwhelming feeling of desire will no doubt send you both into a sexual frenzy.

Scatter some pillows nearby or lie on top of your duvet and then at the point either of you feels you’re going to climax, bite down on a pillow or nestle your head into the duvet to mask your outcry of pleasure.

For help choosing a quiet sex toy to use over Christmas, read our discreet sex toy guide.

Sexy Christmas gift exchange

Who says present buying has to be predictable? Whether you want to get spanked or thanked, you’ll likely get both if you gift your partner a toy or outfit that’s more naughty than nice. If you’re home alone, both agree to leave each other a naughty present under the tree to unwrap on the 25th of December and start Christmas day with a bit of stocking stuffing. From love eggs to cock rings and rampant rabbits, find a Christmas present you can enjoy together and let your sexual pleasure reach new heights.

Christmas bondage

Whether you’re a dominatrix at heart or looking to explore BDSM for the first time, add some black magic to your Christmas sex and make the season an erotic one. For a bit of festive fire, write down on individual pieces of paper all the types of BDSM you and you partner would like to try to pop them in a jar. From whipping to gagging and nipple clamping, no matter your fantasy, pop it in the jar and it will be indulged. In the run up to Christmas, take turns blindly picking a piece of paper from the jar and whatever is chosen has to be incorporated into your sex routine that day.

When it comes to BDSM, agreeing on a safe word other than “no” is essential so your request to stop can’t be mistaken for dirty talk. Seeing as it’s Christmas, opt for a festive word such as ‘mistletoe’ or even ‘Santa’ – you can make it as random as you like!

If you are newbie to all of this, take a read of our beginners guide to bondage and BDSM for tips and tricks on where to start.

So there you have it, our complete guide to Christmas sex. If you’re looking for advice on how to spice up your sex life all year through, check out our better sex guides.