How to Have Sex in the Bath

Baths don’t have to be all about bath bombs and bubbles, it can also be the perfect time to get hot and steamy with your special someone.

The private and relaxed atmosphere allows you to let go with your partner and spice things up outside of the bedroom. But bath sex isn’t like you see in the erotic movie scenes, it can be a little awkward until you find what works best for you. So, we have put together our four top tips to take off the pressure and get you prepped for some bath time fun.

Set the Scene for Bathroom Sex

Bathroom sex is all about getting intimate and creating sensual moments between you and your partner, which is why it’s important to make sure you set the tone right from the start. We’re talking candles lit, lights dimmed and a sexy soundtrack quietly playing in the background, these small things all add to the romance and get you in the mood. To get prepped make sure you have all the essentials and everything you need to hand, such as vibrators that you know are safe to be used in water, if you’re unsure, you can find this information by checking for ‘water resistant’ within the products description.

Also, lots and lots of lube. You’re probably wondering why you would need lube when you’re already under water, but it’s an essential to having water sex and we’ll explain why further down.

Get the Temperature Right

Sex in the bath tub comes with the enhancing pleasure and sensation of the water, but be careful not to ruin the feeling with the wrong temperature of water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Try get it to a temperature that you’re both happy with, and remember, the longer you’re in there the more that water will cool down with you. Not only should you consider the temp, also think about the water levels. It’s not the right time to fill the bath as high as possible, so keep the water slightly lower than usual to avoid it overflowing and leading to spillage when you’re both in the moment. You want as little to think about as possible, other than how good the moment feels.

Experiment with Bath Tub Sex Positions

Adventurous sex always has its complications and awkward moments and as you can imagine, having sex in the bath is no different. So, when it comes to exploring sex positions in the bath, the size and shape of your bathtub can influence the best positions for you and your partner and also effect how safe they are. The best sex positions for sex in the bath are the reverse cowgirl and doggy style, as both allow you or your partner to grip the sides of the bath to prevent you from slipping so you can fully embrace the moment. If you’re unfamiliar with these positions or want to know more read our sex position guides for all you need to know. Bath sex also doesn’t have to be restricted to just the inside of the tub, you can explore your space and see what’s most comfortable for you, such as sitting on the side whilst your partner goes down on you, or vice versa.

Toys or No Toys?

As we mentioned earlier, lube is essential when having sex in water as bath water will wash away your natural lubricant causing a dry discomfort. Along with a silicone based lube, if you are thinking of introducing sex toys to your bath time fun, we would recommend not using sex toys made of silicone, as the water can result in damage to the toy. But, as long as your sex toy or vibrator is water resistant, then you’re good to go! If you are unsure if your toy is water resistant, the information can be found in the product’s description or its manual.

The extra skin-to-skin contact you experience during bath sex creates deeper intimacy between you and your partner and ultimately leads to some of your most intense orgasms! The water can help release any muscle tension, making you feel relaxed and ready to turn up the heat.