P & G spot massage

Erotic massage is an incredible way to get closer to your lover and hit the spots that really matter.

This guide has all the important information you need on how to massage the prostate for a night of pleasure no man could ever forget. Our top tips will provide you with all the info you need to get down and dirty, seriously heat things up and, hit the P-spot. Wave goodbye to taboos and be welcomed into the wonderful world of prostate play.


Are you ready to find out what you've been missing? Perhaps one of the last sexual taboos, prostate massage provides some serious stimulation and triggers longer and stronger orgasms. Found approximately one inch inside the anus, this ridged mound is packed full of nerve endings and ready to provide powerful, prolonged orgasms. Guys, it's time to throw out your inhibitions and experience the power of the P spot.


Prostate milking is another term for prostate massage for sexual pleasure. However, it is believed to have health benefits too, it’s not all about enhancing the Big-O! Further research is required, but some men may benefit from prostate stimulation to relieve conditions such as:

  • Painful ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor urine flow
  • Prostatitis

The prostate gland produces prostate fluid which is one of the fluids that make up semen. Some men can experience a mind-boggling prostate orgasm from direct stimulation alone whilst for others, a P-spot massage will enhance an orgasm from masturbation or stimulation by or with a play mate.


Something you may not have considered is what exactly is the p spot and what does the prostate gland do? The prostate gland has a very important function in reproduction. The fluid produced by the prostate gland helps to nourish and transport sperm, without it, baby making would be a whole lot harder!


So, where is the p spot? The prostate is located between the bladder and the rectum. It sits above the perinium (or ‘gooch’ if you want to use the slang term!) and it swells up when a man is aroused. This makes it easier to find with a cheeky finger during sexual play. Men can massage the prostate from the outside by teasing the perinium with fingers or a toy, or they can find a willing playmate to do so with their tongue.

To hit the highly sensitive p-spot from within, a simple (clean) finger inserted one or 2 inches into his rectum with pressure on the front wall ought to do the trick.

Opening the door to any kind of ‘taboo’ sexual enjoyment displays great trust and can really bring couples together. As long as it’s done right, prostate play can both heighten his sensation and make you feel closer to your partner than ever before.


As with any anal exploration being clean is part of being confident.Entirely optional, however, widely encouraged, douching is a simple and effective way to ensure that you're prepped, primed and ready to go. Simply fill the douche with luke warm water, lube up the tip and insert, squeeze the bulb to expel the water and excrete(we recommend doing this on the toilet).This deep, internal clean leaves you fresh and ready to get filthy.

Chill out, hot up

Anal should never be painful – word from the wise. Take things slow and most importantly relax. The muscles of the sphincter can be tight, making that hot spot hard to find. If you're feeling tense take a steamy shower, take your time and take the plunge into the realms of serious satisfaction.

Lube up dude

Lube, your new best friend. Enhance your pleasure, increase your comfort and add even more stimulation. Lubricant is essential for P-spot stimulation. With specifically designed massage oils and anal lubes you can tingle, warm, slip and slide your way to multiple Oh's.

Slow down and up the ante

If you're playing as a pair, begin with a sensual massage focusing on the inner thighs. Get pulses racing and start to up the ante. There is no go-to formula for sexual gratification; however, there is a certain method to finding the sweet spot. Massage the prostate externally by rubbing and stroking the perineum. Hot things up, start with a lubed up finger, massage the rectum to relax the muscles and start stimulating the thousands of nerve endings sited there. Once you feel comfortable, insert the finger an inch or so, feeling for a ribbed mound. Once you have located the pleasure point gently stroke in a come-to-me motion increasing pressure and speed according to the reaction.

Backstage pass

This is your backstage pass to pleasure. Add toys to the mix and buzz your way to bliss. The prostate responds well to vibration and we stock a range of toys, specifically designed with curves and powerful vibration for serious P-Spot Stimulation.

Men’s tip:

Speak to your partner about slipping you a finger during intercourse, a prostate massage at the moment of climax makes for an insanely intense experience.  Up the ante and try anal beads; pull them out when you reach orgasm and find out just how good your P-spot can make you feel. Man up and give it a go.

Love Team AS.x