Bedroom Bucket List – 5 Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

For some, it’s a commercial spend fest that holds little meaning, for others (possibly your good self), it’s an opportunity to have a little cheeky fun with your other half, to think of some naughty, sensual, or downright kinky ideas to add a little flavour to your February. We are, of course, talking about Valentine’s Day.

Whether you want to inject some tenderness into a marriage lacking romance, or you want to up the ante with different sex positions to spice up the relationship - if you can’t do this on Valentine’s Day then when can you? And if it’s less sex and more gifting you’re after, we’ve got some handy Valentine’s gift ideas for her, for him and for couples that are sure to make them smile, or purr….or maybe even growl!

We are going to answer some of your most popular questions around Valentine’s Day and how to make it as special or as naughty as you want it to be.

What Can I Do for Valentine’s Day at Home?

More than you can do when you’re out, that’s for sure! Now, of course, our business is pleasure, sensuality, love (both self and partnered), romance, and empowerment, so we LOVE Valentine’s Day and what it represents. However, the tedium of set menus, slow service, and overcrowded restaurants don’t scream romance to us. In fact, we think home is the best place to be on Valentine’s Day.

Stick to the missionary or spooning positions so that you can increase your skin-to-skin contact with your partner and send sensations around your body. The missionary position is great for allowing you both to kiss – a great way to stop loud moans and screams.

At home you can wear as much or as little as you want without getting a February chill, you can eat what you want when you want, and you can talk openly and honestly about anything without prying ears getting in the way. When spending Valentine’s Day at home together, there’s really nothing lovelier than cooking a delicious meal, cracking open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, putting some dinner music on and focusing completely on one another. If a sexy new outfit is part of that, your other half will no doubt be keen to get dinner out of the way and burn off the calories, but what to wear?

How Can I look Hot on Valentine's Day?

Well firstly, let us say, you are already hot. Yes, you, reading this – hot hot hot! But we get it, you want to up the ante on Valentine’s Day. Well, you’re in the right place, Ann Summers has got you covered, though only minimally. Investing in a sexy new bra and knicker set is guaranteed to make you feel confident and your other half turn to putty in your hands, paired with the eternally sexy stockings or hold ups and anything could happen!

Feeling confident? Really want to blow their mind? Sexy fancy dress costumes are always a hit. Now, this isn’t purely because they look phenomenal, they also allow you to step into a whole new role. By day you might be Eleanor in accounts payable or ‘Alfie’s mum’ on the school playground, by night you can become whomever you want with the help of a costume! So, whether you fancy yourself as a mischievous maid who missed a spot, or Polly the police officer who didn’t come to play nice, roleplay opens up a whole new world of exploration, ensuring your Valentine’s Day sex will be remembered for years to come.

How Can I Spice Up My Bedroom for Valentine’s Day?

This is a question we hear a lot, and the truth is, there’s not a lot to it! Whether you want to splash the cash or you’re on a budget, there are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special and sprinkle a little sauce over proceedings.

Start simple by making the bedroom an enticing place to be. That means no dirty socks on the floor, put the kid’s teddies back in their bedroom and dim the lights if you can! Newly washed sheets, a crisp, freshly made bed and perhaps a lovely new candle to add some mood lighting and sensual aroma to the room – these are great starting points.

What Can I Do for My Lover on Valentine’s Day?

Do you know what never goes out of style on Valentine’s Day? A gorgeous, relaxing massage. So send your other half to a spa! Oh, no wait, the more sensual thing to do would be to do it yourself, wouldn’t it? Consider investing in some specially formulated massage oil, dim the lights, warm your hands (very important) and enjoy some skin-to-skin action that doesn’t involve sex – at least not at first. There is something highly erotic about giving your partner pleasure from touch that doesn’t involve their traditional erogenous zones (the groin area and nipples, to be exact). Your hands running across their back and shoulders, behind the ears, around their underarms, the back of their legs and ankles, all the way to their fingertips with both firm and gentle touches will have them totally relaxed and thoroughly turned on at the same time. After which you can either have the favour returned or just jump on board, whichever you’re most in need of!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Whilst some say it’s a cliché to buy sexy new lingerie or a gorgeous body for your partner, we can guarantee that once they’ve got it on they’ll love it. Sexy new underwear, fresh out of the packet, vibrant with colour or a dazzling white makes you feel incredible. Lace, satin or even PU, we guarantee that the gift of underwear will be well received. Of course, this is not to overlook sex gifts for Valentine’s Day. A bullet vibrator to use during sex, or something you can share from our range of couple’s sex toys won’t go amiss either and it’s something you can both enjoy that will spice up your alone time. If fun and naughty games tickle your fancy or you’d like to extend Valentine’s Day with a box of sexy surprises, our sexy gifts and games have all you need to turn that spark into a bonfire. We have also created a sexy selection of couples gifts for Valentine’s Day featuring everything from bondage sets to foreplay dice and even sexy vouchers you can redeem at your leisure! However you mark the occasion, we’re here to ensure it’s as sexy, romantic or fun as you want it to be.

Love, AS x