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How to Use Anal Beads

If you’ve never tried anal beads before, prepare yourself for a whole new world of fun and sensation. They’re a great way to experiment with anal play and, if used correctly, can take your orgasms to incredible new levels.

Interested? Of course you are! From what they are to how they work, here’s everything you need to know about anal beads.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads, as the name suggests, are a sex toy used for anal play. They’re shaped like ‘beads’ with multiple spheres attached together which can be inserted and then removed at various speeds to enhance the sexual experience. Most anal beads begin with a smaller bead and increase in size as they’re inserted.

There are many different types of anal beads depending on what you like from a toy. You can choose smaller beads if you’re just starting out with anal play, opt for larger beads for even more sensation, or even try vibrating anal beads for whole new type of pleasure.

What Do Anal Beads Do?

While anal beads can be used for anal masturbation, they’re often used as a supporting character during masturbation or sex. Once inserted, pulling out anal beads (especially at the point of orgasm) leads to new sensations that can seriously enhance pleasure.

Exploring anal beads and targeting different erogenous zones at the same time not only adds amazing new sensations to sex, but can even lead to the elusive blended orgasm!

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Who Uses Anal Beads?

Anyone who wants to! Anal beads aren’t made for anyone in particular and can feel great for everyone. For men, the P-spot (aka the prostate) is located a few centimetres inside the anus. This is a guy's version of a G-spot and can make anal play feel incredible.

While there’s no P-spot for those with vaginas, there are still a load of nerve endings that make the sensation of anal play really pleasurable. So, it doesn’t matter who you are – if you fancy giving anal beads a go, they’re for you! What are you waiting for?!

Are Anal Beads Safe?

When venturing into something new such as anal play, we know plenty of people have questions about safety. So, are anal beads safe?

The answer is yes; anal beads are safe – you just need to ensure you’re properly prepared. As with anything new in the bedroom, make sure you’re relaxed and prepared to avoid any feelings of discomfort. And, with any kind of anal play or anal toy, make sure you’re keeping things safe by never going straight from anal to vaginal play, as this can spread bacteria.

If you’re playing with anal toys for the very first time, it can feel a little unusual or uncomfortable at first. You just need to be patient and build up slowly, and you’ll be enjoying fantastic anal play with your beads before you know it. And remember – while a little bit of discomfort can be normal when trying anal for the first time, if anything ever hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop! Listen to your body and know your limits to make sure you enjoy anal beads safely

How to Use Anal Beads

With any kind of anal play, preparation is key! Our How To Prepare For Anal guide is full of great overall advice for anal sex, but if you’re considering toys specifically, we’ve got plenty of guidance. Don’t rush into anything, and follow our top tips for a pleasurable anal bead experience…

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Preparing for playing with anal beads

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Start small.If you’ve never tried anal before, you may want to try a smaller butt plug to help you get used to the sensations or start with smaller anal beads. An Intro to Anal Kit is a great option if you’re trying out anal play for the first time.

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Focus on hygiene.If you’re playing with anal beads with a partner, it’s usually worrying about hygiene that stops people from fully enjoying anal play. Clean yourself well beforehand or use an anal douche – this will help you feel much more comfortable and lose any inhibitions.

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Warm up.All sex is better with foreplay! If you’re using anal beads, take time teasing other erogenous zones to ensure you’re warmed up, turned on, and feel relaxed and comfortable. This will make all the sensations to come feel even more amazing.

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Use lube.The same as foreplay applies – all sex is better with lube! This is especially true for anal play where you won’t get any natural lubrication. As well as ensuring you’re relaxed and turned on, apply plenty of lube to keep things comfortable and help you enjoy the sensations of anal play.

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Stop if you experience pain.As with trying anything for the first time, just listen to your body. You may experience small discomfort but draw the line if you feel pain and definitely don’t force anything if you’re not enjoying it.

Inserting anal beads

Once you’re prepared with plenty of lube, you should start gently by slowly pushing the first bead inside yourself. Be patient and give yourself time to get used to the sensations before slowly inserting more of the beads. You don’t have to insert the entire string! Most anal beads increase in size as you insert them, so you can go for as little (or as much!) as you feel comfortable with.

Once you’ve found an angle and depth of penetration that feels great for you, you can leave the anal beads in place and focus on other types of stimulation. Anal beads generally play more of a supporting role and enhance other sensations, so you can target your penis, clitoris, or even enjoy penetrative sex with them in.

Removing anal beads

Once you have anal beads in place, you can choose to remove them at any point. But time it right and you’ll get the maximum effect and maximum pleasure!

Slowly pulling anal beads out at the point of orgasm guarantees a toe-curling experience. If you’re masturbating, you can remove the beads yourself as you feel yourself approaching the edge or, if you’re playing with a partner, have them remove the beads as you hit orgasm. We promise – the sensations truly are out of this world!

Now you’ve learned everything you need to know about anal beads, it’s time to have fun! Take a look at our full anal beads collection and start exploring.

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