Roleplay Ideas to Help You Slip into Your Fantasies

For some people, it’s the best way to live out all your bedroom fantasies without feeling self-conscious, and for others, it’s a great way to spice up your relationship and discover new parts of your personality between the sheets.

Looking to live out a fantasy you’ve always had? Think it’s time to slip into a new personality in the bedroom? Roleplay is the perfect way to take on a completely new persona and leave your inhibitions behind.

What is roleplay?

Roleplay can come in a whole range of different shapes and forms, from full-on dressing up to taking on new characters in the bedroom. It’s left up to you and your partner to decide what scenarios really match your desires, then prepare to become someone else in the bedroom!

Sexy roleplay ideas to spice things up

Ok, so dressing up might be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to roleplay sex, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Roleplay means inhabiting a different character, taking you away from real life and letting you become someone very different in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Strangers in the Night

It’s time to meet again for the very first time…

Simply arrange to meet your partner at a local bar or coffee shop and act like strangers. Get to know each other again from the very start, either as yourselves or completely different people – whatever works for you. This novel experience is a great way for the two of you to reconnect and re-ignite your spark. There’s no doubt that you’ll hit it off, so end your successful first date by heading home for a steamy one-night stand.

This type of roleplay can be perfect if you feel like you need to find the magic in your sex life again, taking you back to the very beginning when you were first discovering each other and helping you find that spark.

Flaunt Your Boobs

Let Me Be Your Masseuse

Enjoy giving or receiving a massage in the bedroom? Try spicing up your time together by booking an ‘appointment’ with your partner, then let your hands wander and relax into a world of pleasure.

Have your partner lay on the bed and act out a masseuse and client scenario, with a naughty twist. Playing the role of the masseuse? With a towel over their lower half, oil up their back or chest – making sure they’re feeling blissfully relaxed. Begin working your way up their legs, from their feet to the fold of their buttocks. Tease them by going no further until you can no longer resist.

Switch from oil to lube and make it a massage to remember Need some inspiration? Find more naughty massage tips here.

Flaunt Your Boobs

Getting Sexty

Sexual roleplay doesn’t always have to be done in person and this idea is perfect for couples who don’t live together or for building up the tension when one of you is out! You can either choose to be lovers who have been separated or complete strangers meeting online, it’s up to you!

Tease each other with pictures, stories of what you’re planning to do to each other or even make it a little naughtier by pretending you have got the ‘wrong number’. Taking on a new character can help you shift those inhibitions you might have when it comes to sexting and allow you to really open up. If you do send pictures, just make sure it’s with someone you totally trust! Our Phone Sex, FaceTime Sex and Sexting Tips guide will help you on your way.

Bedroom roleplay ideas: costume roleplay

Slipping into a sexy roleplay outfit is the ideal way to totally transform and become fully immersed in the situation. Dressing up allows you to physically feel like someone else, so you can really get into character and lose all inhibitions. Plus, there’s nothing like a sexy costume to make you feel your most confident. Looking for some wardrobe inspo? Here are some of our favourites…

Call the Nurse

Are you ready for your physical? The sexy nurse outfit has always been a popular one for couples looking to try some roleplay.

Perfect your bedside manner by acting out the classic naughty nurse and bed-bound patient scenario. Play the part by choosing from our selection of nurse outfits, ranging from naughty to erotic. Take control and have your partner lay still whilst you give them an examination they’ll never forget, and you have your wicked way.

After all, orgasms are the best medicine!

Good Evening Officer…

Perfect for a little domination, the police officer scenario is a popular way to break out those handcuffs and get naughty. What role will you play? Command to take the lead or get cuffed for your bad behaviour and find out how good it feels to be bad.

You know what’s really hot? Playing cops and robbers! Catch your criminal and make sure you give them a night they’ll never forget! To play the dominant one and take control in the bedroom, wear your kinky police ensemble and handcuff your lover, allowing you to live out all your bondage dreams.

Find out more about introducing bondage to the bedroom here.

Maid to be Naughty

Forget the maid being expected to wait hand and foot, it’s time to take back control in this kinky roleplay scenario. Simply get dressed up in your naughty maid’s outfit and offer an unforgettable night of room service.

Whether you want to be a dom or sub, this scenario can take whatever shape you want. Either submit yourself to your partner’s every desire or take over your bedroom and show them what you really think of their demands!

Make a tickler your go-to accessory for getting into character while indulging in some light sensation play.

So, hopefully our ideas will inspire you to bring your sexiest fantasy to life. The rules are that there are no rules. From full-on dressing up and acting out characters, to acting like total strangers, do whatever feels comfortable for both of you. Whether you’ve always wanted to try roleplay or you’re trying to bring the spark back into your relationship, the only limits are your own imagination!

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