Rampant Rabbits®

If you’re looking for the best rabbit vibrator, why go anywhere else than the pioneers of the first rabbit toy? Others may try, but none can get close to the original and the best Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit®. Internally and clitorally stimulating, the style of the rabbit vibrator is ideal for enhancing your pleasure, hitting all the right spots simultaneously! From its concept in the 70s until this very moment, the Rampant Rabbit® always aims to please, and we’ve got the whole range.
From waterproof Rampant Rabbit® vibrators to rechargeable Rampant Rabbits®, we’re here to ensure you find the perfect rabbit vibrator to give you the satisfying pleasure you deserve.

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What is a Rampant Rabbit?

A Rampant Rabbit is a type of vibrator designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. The iconic dildo gets its name from its small rabbit-shaped attachment that stimulates the clitoris.

How long does it take to charge a rabbit?

We recommend that our rechargeable Rampant Rabbits are charged for a minimum of two hours, but timings may vary toy-to-toy, so always check with the manual instructions of each unique rabbit.

What kind of batteries does the vibrating rabbit take?

Our battery-powered Rampant Rabbits typically take AA or AAA batteries – always check with the manual instructions to be sure.

How does the rabbit attachment work?

The rabbit attachment is designed to vibrate against the clitoris, providing direct stimulation. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other types of stimulation and toys.

Are Rampant Rabbits safe to use?

Absolutely. Rampant Rabbits are made from body-safe materials like Silicone, TPE, ABS etc. and are designed to be used safely and comfortably. To be on the safe side, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use plenty of lube if required.

How do I clean my Rampant Rabbit?

It's important to keep your Rampant Rabbit clean to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Clean it with warm, soapy water or a specialised sex toy cleaner after every use. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it away, so that you have a fresh and clean Rampant Rabbit ready to play with the next time you reach back into your little bag of toys.

Do Rampant Rabbits come in different sizes?

Rampant Rabbits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different preferences, and we even have Rampant Rabbit cock rings available. Our Rampant Rabbits have varying insertable lengths and different types of attachments for different types of stimulation.

Can I use my Rampant Rabbit in the shower or bath?

Not all Rampant Rabbits are safe for wet (like really, really wet) environments. But if you want to get wet and wild, our waterproof Rampant Rabbits are safe for your underwater adventures. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions before using any toys in the water.

Are Rampant Rabbits loud?

They can be. Some Rampant Rabbits are louder than others, depending on the strength of the motor. If you want to play discreetly, our quiet Rampant Rabbits will help keep your playtime secret. And for those who like it loud, our normal noise-level rabbits are perfect.

How do I know which Rampant Rabbit to choose?

Think about what types of stimulation you enjoy most to find a rabbit that will make you moan the most. Reviews can be helpful, but what floats your boat may not float another’s. Look at factors like size, noise level, and prices to find a toy that suits your preference and budget. There are so many Rampant Rabbits to choose from that you can pick one in your favourite colour or choose a shape that looks exciting to you. Playing with sex toys is an adventure, so have fun and enjoy experimenting!