At Ann Summers, we get a buzz from recycling. Which is why we offer a free in-store take back service for batteries and used electronic sex toys.

How can I recycle my old electrical and electronic sex toys?

For each electronic sex toy you purchase from us, you can return one used item to any of our stores. We will then recycle the item on your behalf.

Whether you have purchased your new item from an Ann Summers store, the website, by mail order or at an Ann Summers party, you can still take advantage of our recycling scheme.

When purchasing your new product form us (or within 28 days of your purchase) simply take your used item to any Ann Summers store along with your purchase receipt or confirmation email.

Please ensure you remove any batteries before handing items to store staff.

Do you only recycle Ann Summers products?

No. For each electronic sex toy you purchase from us, we will accept any equivalent used item for recycling - regardless of its brand or where it was purchased. (You must make sure that the product is clean and safe. We reserve the right to refuse sex toys that are not presented in a clean and safe manner).

How can I recycle used portable batteries?

All battery producers in the UK are required to be registered with the Government as part of an EU-wide inititative to increase battery collection/recycling. Our battery producer registration number is BPRN00519.

Simply hand your used portable batteries to store staff and we will arrange for these to be recycled on your behalf at no cost to yourself. You can give us any type of portable battery for recycling and no purchase is necessary to take advantage of this service.

Why should waste electrical goods and batteries be recycled?

Recycling unwanted electrical goods and batteries is better for the environment. The amount of electrical waste that is thrown away is increasing by around 5% each year.

Currently over 75% waste electrical goods end up in landfill. Some electronic/electrical items can contain lead and other toxins which could potentially cause soil and water contamination. This can have a very harmful effect on the natural habitat, wildlife and also human health.

Recycling electronic items and batteries helps to save natural resources and reduce the potential environmental and health risks associated with sending these items to landfill.

What does the 'crossed out wheelie bin symbol mean'?

The crossed out wheelie bin symbol on an electrical/electronic item or on a battery means that you should avoid disposing of the item with your general waste. Instead you should ensure that it goes for reprocessing and recycling.

What happens to my unwanted sex toys and batteries?

All items are sent to approved recycling centres on your behalf. The products will be broken down and any recyclable/reusable parts will be recovered and reprocessed.