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How to Have Sex in the Shower

It’s a slippery business that should be approached with caution, but shower sex can be super rewarding and a great way to get out of a bedroom-based-rut. Having sex in the shower might seem like something from the movies, where couples engage in steamy sessions, seemingly risking their health in the process, but it can also be a great way for any couple to keep things exciting and shift their sex lives from the bedroom.

Take your next sex session to the bathroom and get seriously steamy with a few wet-and-wild tips.

How to have shower sex

Shower sex often seems like a good idea but can sometimes end up awkwardly avoiding the cold tiles and taking turns squeezing under a small jet of water to keep warm. It doesn’t have to be like that though! Shower sex can be a great way to change location from the bedroom and try something different. But how do people have sex in the shower? Here are a few tips to making sure your shower sex is more of a steamy romp than a damp struggle…

number 1

Forego the soapy suds

There are certain places that soap shouldn’t go – believe us. If you’ve ever had soap suds in your eye, you’ll know the stinging pain. The pain of having soap internally is coupled with a high risk of thrush. Having soap inside the vagina upsets the PH balance and can cause a growth of candida AKA thrush. Swerve the soapy massage and let the water get you wet.

number 2

Water Isn’t lube!

Your body may be wet but that doesn’t mean she is. Water can remove some of the natural lubrication and leave the vagina feeling dry – which is, of course, no good for penetration. For truly great shower sex opt for a water-resistant lube and ensure you’re getting wet and wild.

number 3

Shower head stimulation

The showerhead provides the opportunity for great stimulation for both you and your partner during shower sex. Direct the stream of water at her clitoris and his scrotum during shower head sex and revel in blended orgasms and a new, mind-blowing sensation.

number 4

Anal adventure

If you’re intrigued by anal but have been put off trying by the thought of any possible mess, give it a go in the shower. Again, a water-resistant, silicone-based lube is imperative in ensuring you are comfortable during anal sex in the shower, opt for the water and silicone based, vegan Booty Relax Anal Lube for a shower session to remember.

number 5

Waterproof sex toys

Sex positions in the shower are limited, therefore the safest is probably from behind. If standing-doggy style doesn’t quite get you there take a waterproof sex toy with you. This will open the options for all sorts of different shower sex positions. Have a read of our Best Waterproof Sex Toys for Shower Sex guide for the low down on 100% waterproof toys designed to get things even wetter!

number 6

Keeping it clean

Shower sex is ideal for those times when you’re a little worried or self-conscious about hygiene. As with anal, if you’re wondering “can you have shower sex on your period?” the answer would be “absolutely!” It’s the perfect way to have sex and both wash clean after, nobody has to worry about any mess.

number 7

Remember protection

Shower sex is one of those things that can very much happen in the spur of the moment, meaning we often throw our inhibitions out of the window. If you do get caught in the moment, it’s important to know how to have safe sex in the shower. Just remember that shower sex won’t protect you from STI’s or pregnancy. We’re all about getting lost in the passion… but not at the risk of our health! Latex condoms are a great option and can be used safely in the shower, just avoid soaps and gels as they can weaken the condom.

Shower sex positions

Ok, so we know sex positions in the shower are going to be limited during shower sex and you’re pretty much going to have to settle for a standing position – this doesn’t mean it has to be boring though! There are several standing positions that, mixed with a hot steamy shower, can be truly mind-blowing! Take a look at our top 3 sex positions for in the shower and find the best shower sex position for you and your partner:

Wooden doll in the position The Column

Carry on climax

Carry on Climax is a great position for intimacy but be careful on those slippery shower floors. Have your partner stand in front of you and jump up so they’re holding you up with their hands underneath your bum. From here, they can penetrate you as you wrap your arms and legs around them.

Your partner can control the speed and depth of penetration in this position. To help maintain balance, try doing this position with your back against the shower wall.

Wooden doll in the position Carry on Climax

The column

For The Column, both you and your partner will be standing facing the same direction. To begin with, you should link your arms to get you nice and close and save anyone slipping over in the wet shower.

Your partner should enter you from behind, as they do this, arch your back and lean forward slightly. Have your partner establish a steady rhythm – both slow and sensual or fast and hard work really well in this position. It can be a little difficult to balance, so try leaning against the shower wall.

Wooden doll in the position Riding High

Riding high

If you’re one of those people who worries about hygiene when giving or receiving oral, the shower is the perfect place for you! This position will only work if you have a bathtub or big enough shower tray but it's a great oral position to assert a little shower-time dominance on your partner.

Have them lay on their back in the tub or shower tray, then climb over them with your knees either side. Straddle over their face, giving them full access to your vagina for some great oral fun and shower foreplay. Try having them penetrate you with a waterproof vibrator or dildo to take it to the next level!

Shower sex can be a great way to break out of the bedroom routine and have sex somewhere different. It can also be the perfect place to do a little experimenting. Just hop in and have fun!

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