Sex Position: The Reverse Cowgirl

Almost as common as missionary, the Reverse Cowgirl is a sex position for everyone to experience. We’re here to teach you how to master this and have your man begging you to ride on, and on, and on…

This is a great position for receiving both anal and clitoral stimulation, as well as putting you in full control of speed and depth of penetration.

Straddle your man whilst facing his toes, stay knelt for slow, grinding motions or squat deeper for more intense, harder and faster penetration. Hold onto his legs for support and ride him or rotate your hips in a figure of eight. Angles are everything: Lean backwards to ensure that he hits your G-spot or forwards for a full-on feeling.

If you struggle to achieve orgasm through penetration alone, get your partner to keep one leg bent rather than having your legs either side of his hips, put them either side of his thigh and receive some mind-blowing, orgasm-inducing clitoral stimulation from the friction.

Add vibes whether that’s in the form or a clit-vibrating bullet which you hold or vibrating butt-plug that you allow him to use on you. The visuals will be a massive turn on and you’ll be on the receiving end of good vibes either way. Win win, cowgirl.

ust when you thought it couldn’t get better, you can also stimulate your man’s scrotum and perineum. Slow your pace and gently stroke his balls with a cupped hand and massage his perineum in firm circles with your index finger with lube – a guaranteed win.