Sex Position: Get it Up

Take your night to new heights with the sexy “Get It Up”.

Many of us fall back on the good old missionary position with our partner, especially when we’ve had a long day or just fancy a bit of a quickie. Well, we’re here to help you take your love life to the next level with our sex position of the month: The Get It Up.

The position is perfect for couples looking for deep, intimate penetration, and is a great way to ensure your G-spot gets some much needed stimulation.

Start with some missionary loving initially, and make sure you keep lots of eye contact. Then, put one leg over your partner’s shoulder and rest the other on the bed. Your partner will be able to give you some deliciously deep penetration while their hands will be free to roam all over your body – making sure your breasts and clit get some attention too.

If you want an intense orgams that will rock your world, we highly recommend introducing a clit stim or a vibrating cock ring for a mind-blowing blended orgasm.