Sex Positions: The Coital Alignment Technique

It’s a tale as old as time. Married suburban mother of two lacks the excitement and lust of her younger years and starts reminiscing about ‘the one that got away’. She gets swept up in the fantasy of her past and embarks on a journey of rediscovery. And on her journey, we get introduced to the sex position we didn’t know we needed: The coital alignment technique (or the CAT sex position, if you prefer). Whichever you call it, if you’ve watched the Netflix show Sex/Life, you’ve probably wondered what the coital alignment strategy is and if it’s as incredible as Billie (the main protagonist on the show) would have you believe. So, let’s find out.

What is the Coital Alignment Technique?

The coital alignment technique is a sex position whereby clitoral stimulation is achieved during penetrative sex. Between 70% and 90% of women are unable to orgasm from penetration alone, most need clitoral stimulation too. This is easily achieved by bringing a bullet vibrator into the fold or even a vibrating cock ring for your partner to wear. But wouldn’t it be bliss if they could stimulate you both internally and externally at the same time, whilst connecting on an emotional level too with eye contact and lips locked? Introducing the coital connection! If intimacy, romance, and pleasure are top of your list, the CAT sex position is one to try. But how do you do it?

The Coital Alignment Technique How to Guide

The CAT sex position is similar to missionary, with one key difference: the angle at which the penis or strap on enters the vagina. Rather than thrusting upwards towards the cervix, the person on top is going to grind in more of a downwards angle toward the bed so that the top of the penis or dildo stimulates from the clitoris into the entry of the vagina. This position isn’t about deep penetration, (in fact, little more than the tip will enter the vagina), it’s about stimulation of the clitoris, connection, romance, and intimacy. It can also help men who want to know how to last long in bed. The slower grind as opposed to a deep thrusting makes this sex position ideal for postponing ejaculation.

What are the Most Intimate Sex Positions?

When you’re with the right person, any sex position can feel romantic. But what are the most romantic sex positions?

Skin to skin and eye to eye sex positions are the most romantic. Looking into your partner’s eyes when your bodies are connected in the most intimate way can feel incredibly romantic. Here are some of our faves.

  1. Missionary: The trusty go-to for all couples, missionary allows for optimum skin to skin and eye contact. There’s something very sensual about feeling your partner's weight on top of you too. It’s even sexier if they intertwine their fingers into yours and place your arms above your head as they thrust into you.
  2. The Bucking Bronco: Straddle your seated partner and climb on board. Look into their eyes as you grind up and down, back and forth. This position also allows for nipple stimulation – happy days.
  3. The butterfly: From missionary, throw your legs over your partners shoulders, hold eye content and let them penetrate you deeply. If you’re one of the few women who experience g-spot orgasms, this is a guaranteed thriller.
  4. The Spoon: The cuddle with a difference, a great position whether you’re big or little spoon. During penetration, your partner can reach around for clitoral or nipple stimulation and they’re also perfectly placed to kiss the neck or nibble your ear too (if you’re into that). The perfect way to start the day, the spooning sex position also saves you from each other’s morning breath. Win win.

These are just a few of our favourite romantic sex positions, but if you want more tips and tricks, check out our sex position blog. You might want to do your stretches first though.

And remember, if it’s not working for you, be honest. Never fake it til you make it, sex is far more enjoyable for you and your partner when you both have your needs met.