Get the Perfect Fit: Basques & Waspies

Got seduction on your mind? Welcome to our world! These lingerie lust-haves will set the mood and up the ante. Go for elegant, lace-covered curves or try bondage-style designs ideal for a date night of exploration and experimentation. Here we have all you need to know about basques and waspies, from the different styles and how to wear them.


Basques are the go-to for when you want to go all out and make that bedroom entrance. Fully boned and as striking at they are supportive, they will give you a smooth silhouette whilst boosting your cleavage to make you feel confident and look irresistible. Whether it's a basque and stockings or a basque and suspenders, both are a killer combo that will guarantee a night (or day!) of seduction.

What is the Difference Between a Basque and Corset?

The key difference between a corset and a basque, is corsets have laces to tighten them, whereas basques feature hook and eye fastening. Both look amazing once done up, however, some people find that basques are easier to fasten as they are similar to bras!

Types of Basques

Basques come in many different styles, from a sexy strapless basque or lace basque to a chic black basque or seductive basque set. No matter whether you choose simple or statement, a sexy basque is always set to wow in (or outside) the bedroom, with flattering features that give an irresistible look.

What Size Basque to Buy

Basque lingerie is so easy to buy because it is often sold in dress sizes. Since an Ann Summers basque comes with built-in cups, we suggest you use our size charts to check that the under-bust measurement will give you that perfect fit.

How to Wear a Basque

There's a knack to slipping into this type of lingerie, and it's actually not that seductive. The finished results, however…

  • Shimmy it over your thighs and pull it up so the basque is backwards.
  • Do up all the hook and eyes and ensure they match up from top to bottom.
  • Now, swivel. Gently pull your basque all the way round, so you're wearing it the right way.
  • If your basque has suspender clips, fasten them to the centre of the top band of your stockings.
  • Now you're all ready for that big reveal…


Waspies, also called 'waist cinchers', fit around your waist, drawing it in for an hourglass figure. Some have suspender straps attached, others are just there to highlight that waist.

What is the Difference Between a Corset and a Waspie?

A waspie is a type of under-bust corset that has very similar features but only fastens around the waist. It cinches the waist in just like a corset and compliments the figure whilst enhancing your assets – so, yes, it’s a must-have for every lingerie collection!

What Size Waspie to Buy

Yep, you guessed it. We sell waspies by dress size, so shopping is simple. Just pick your number and you'll get a great fit. Wanna make totally sure? Check out the waist and hip measurements in our size guides. You'll see them next to the product details when you find one you like.

How to Wear Underbust Corsets/Waspies

If your waspie has hook and eye fastenings up the back, check the 'basques' section above to learn how to slip it on. If it's a lace-up style, then follow the steps below.

  • First, undo the back lacing so that it opens wide. You don't need to take it out of all the eyelets, just loosen it up so you can easily get the corset round you.
  • Slip it on and do up the front hook and eye fastenings. Now for the fun.
  • With your hands behind your back, and starting at the top, pull the lacing tight, bringing the sides of the corset closer together. This will loosen up the rest of the lacing down the back of the corset.
  • Now, working your way right down to the middle of the corset, pull the loose loops, bringing the sides together into a snug (but comfy) position.
  • When you hit the centre point, repeat the process but this time starting at the bottom of the corset.
  • When you're all laced in and you're happy with the position and tightness, tie the two ends of the lacing together. Just don't make it too hard to undo…

Whatever you go for, these babies are the secret to instant vintage-style glamour. Take a look at our basque and waspie category and add body shaping and beautifully boudoir styles to your lingerie collection. Achieving an elegant and erotic look has never been so easy.