A guide to stockings and suspenders

A Guide to Stockings and Suspenders

Want to look hot from head to toe in lingerie? If so, then complete your look instantly with a pair of stockings or suspenders and find a broad range to choose from. Sheer, fishnets, back-seams, it’s totally your call, depending on the look you’re going for.

Still, we understand that it can be a bit confusing; stockings or suspenders? What's the difference? Don’t worry if you’ve ever brought the wrong thing - you're not alone. So, relax and take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered. From picking the style for you to how to put on suspenders and stockings, we’ll help you level up your lingerie game.

Hold up stockings

Hold ups

Hold-ups are the most common type of stockings out there. An elasticated strip on the inside of the lacy top band keeps them in place. Sometimes they just have a thicker, tighter fabric band to hold them up more in place. You’ll also find a range of styles, too. Black, white and red, fishnets, patterns, back seams, opaque, glossy, sheer…you're almost spoiled for choice. There are also shorter lengths that stop just over the knee.

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Suspender stockings

Suspender stockings

Slightly shorter in length, suspender stockings do not stay up on their own. So, they’ll need the support of lingerie suspenders to hold them in place. Suspender belt or clip-inset corset? That’s totally optional. Perfect if you want to add some pin-up glamour appeal to your lingerie collection.

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Suspender belts

Add extra style points to your lingerie collection with suspender belts. Some sit on the hips while others rest on your waist. Most have four straps and clips that are attached to stockings, and some retro styles have more. Here’s a top tip for your: for an ultra-eye dropping look make sure to match your suspender belt to everything else. If you’re wondering how to attach stockings to a suspender belt, we’ll get into that shortly.

The belt is a classic, but it's not your only option. Mix things up a little with suspender briefs and skirts. Want a vintage-inspired look? Basques, corsets, waspies and suspender-clip inset camis also tick the box. Trust us, you'll be irresistible to all. Ladies use your new power wisely.

Finding your stockings style

Trying to find the best stockings for you? We have listed the different types of stockings so you can choose the perfect pair for your pins. Embrace your individuality. Whether you prefer to keep it classic and understated or prefer to make a statement and turn heads, we’ll help you find the right stocking style for you.


Sheer Stockings

Sexy and functional sheer stockings are made from a super-fine fabric. They add style and comfort to your wardrobe with a touch of mystery. For some extra sass, a little shine and a hint of colour creates stunning legs. Try a sexy pair of red stockings with your favourite red lingerie to truly spice up your evening.


Fishnet Stockings

Kink or glamour? These work for both. Fishnet stockings have a diamond-shaped open knit perfect for making a sexy fashion statement and really drawing attention to your lovely legs. Take your pick from a range of different shades. They’re a versatile accessory that will add some serious edge to your looks.

Back seam

Back SeamStockings

All stockings used to have back-seams, because of the way they were made. But now it's less about the necessity, and more about making a vintage fashion statement. There’s something elegant and classic yet daring about back-seam stockings. So go ahead and add some pizzazz to your step.

Cuban heel

Cuban Heels

Another vintage style, no one can deny that Cuban heel stockings look seductive. Reinforced heels, soles and toes add definition as well as making the stocking more robust and they look stunning with back seams. These stunning stockings have been around for a while, but they’ll never go out of style.

Wet look

Wet Look

Exactly what it sounds like. Sleek, shiny and seductive. Very fashion forward and perfect for those looking for fetish wear or heading to a glamourous kink party or event. Embrace your inner seductress or sexy diva with a pair of wet look stockings. With a lovely shimmer, we can guarantee, all eyes will be on you.

How to put on stockings and suspenders

HOw to stockings on step by step

It's a true skill. So, don’t worry if you’ve never put on stockings and suspenders before. Just follow our steps below, and you’ll get the hang of it:

  • Put your suspender belt on after your briefs, so the straps come down over your briefs. Or before, if you'd rather keep them on when the briefs come off.
  • Sitting down, roll up the top of the stockings and carefully slide them past your toes. Unroll them over your legs gently, rather than pulling them on.
  • It’s important to stay seated whilst trying to attach the stocking to the suspender clip, so when you stand up, the stocking will be attached at a natural and comfortable height.
  • Open each clip on the end of each suspender strap.
  • Start with the front two first and then the back ones. Place the fabric of the opening on top of the rubbery part of the clip which has the protruding circle.
  • Next, take the loop part of the clip and place the larger end of its opening over the protruding circle, catching the stocking fabric in between.
  • Pull the loop upwards, so the circle and the caught-up stocking band is pushed down to the narrower end of the loop, where it'll stay in place.

So, there you have it: there’s everything you need to know about suspenders and stockings. From knowing how attach suspenders to stockings to learning how to style them. . Whether you opt to keep it low-key with hold-ups or add some pin-up girl appeal with suspenders, you’re all set to instantly re-vamp your hosiery collection.