The Ultimate Knicker Style Guide

We all deserve to look and feel amazing, don’t we? At Ann Summers, we believe it all starts with what’s underneath. Yes, we’re talking about underwear.

There are lots of different underwear types and people tend to stick with the one shape and style, but variety is the spice of life! Bras give us that boost we love but knickers play a key part too when it comes to feeling sexy at any size or shape. Our top-notch knicker style guide can help you find the ideal cut to wear under every killer outfit of yours.

What Style of Knickers Should I Wear?

This comes down to personal choice, you might want to show a little more flesh and go with a thong or G-string, or you might want to protect your modestly in a flowing skirt with a pair of full briefs, but hopefully our guide will help you decide on the best pair for you. You never know, you may even discover a whole new shape of underwear you didn’t know you needed in your knicker drawer!


Dare to bare all with a discreetly sensual thong. Available in both a low or high-rise, the exposed back leaves little to the imagination and ensures zero visible panty lines.

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From briefs and shorts to skirts and strings, the options are almost endless when it comes to crotchless styles. The cut-out crotch provides easy access during any time of the day, even away from the bedroom…

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Feel brave and flaunt a little more with a smooth and cheeky Brazilian cut. The cut-away back provides less coverage than a brief but is less daring than thongs.

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High Waisted

Elongate the look of your torso and create a smooth silhouette with high-waisted briefs. Guaranteed to flatter any woman’s shape.

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This straight-leg cut sits lower on the waist and gives a smooth silhouette. Keep things comfortable and casual with a sexy edge.

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The classic briefs provide more coverage for your bum, sitting around the waist and hips. Super reliable and comfy, they’re perfect for everyday wear.

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If you thought thongs were daring, you need to try G-strings. They may be similar, but the narrower string not only shows off your bum off in all its glory, but also shows no panty lines whatsoever.

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There you have it – one style for every day of the week, every outfit in your wardrobe, and every woman you are. Have fun!

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What Material Knickers are Best?

It depends on the occasion. For all day wear, we would recommend a cotton material, or at least a cotton mix because it is one of the most breathable materials. However, for bedroom wear to get pulses racing, is there anything sexier than lace? Satin, perhaps, but lace is always a firm favourite and has the perfect amount of stretch to avoid lumps and bumps – though there’s absolutely noting wrong with having a little extra to grab on to!

What are the Best Knickers to Wear Under a Skirt?

It depends on whether your skirt is fitted or flowing, light or dark in colour. You don’t want VPL so we would recommend a thong or G-string under a fitted skirt. There’s no risk of the skirt rising up in a stiff breeze and you’ll get that sexy, smooth silhouette under your outfit. However, if your skirt is made from a lightweight, flowy material, we would definitely recommend a fuller brief or short to protect your modesty should the wind pick up...unless you fancy yourself as a bit of a Marylin Monroe!

Should You Buy Knickers a Size Bigger?

Some people do this to avoid VPL which can work, especially with a thong of G-string. We would recommend going up a size of you consider yourself between sizes. For example, if you sit somewhere between a size 12 and a size 14, go for the size 14 in underwear.