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Lingerie Gifts: A Guide to buying Lingerie for your Girlfriend or Wife

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife can be a struggle. Get it right and you can make yourself a hero but get it wrong and you’ll end up in the bad books! Lingerie gifts are the perfect intimate present but can be intimidating to buy. If you manage to get a lingerie gift right, you’re onto a serious winner! After all, 65% of women say lingerie is one of the best gifts to receive from a partner, so step away from the bath bombs and choose something sexier.

At Ann Summers, we know how many different questions there can be, whether you’re buying a bra for your girlfriend, lingerie for your wife or something different. That’s why we’ve put together our best tips for buying lingerie to help you ensure your gift goes down perfectly… leaving you to focus on, well, going down perfectly!

Is a Lingerie Gift a Good Choice?

Absolutely – as long as you get it right. A lingerie gift can be the perfect way to help your partner feel confident and sexy, show them how sexy you think they are and treat them to something just for them. It can also help make your partner feel empowered by providing them something you’d love to see them in and allowing them to surprise you with it when they’re ready.If your partner is pregnant a great way to empower them and make them feel at their best is by treating them to maternity lingerie.

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Buying a Bra for a Girlfriend or Partner

Wondering how to buy a bra for your girlfriend or partner? This can seem like the most difficult part. If you’re a male, even more so. After all, bra sizing can be difficult waters to navigate even for us women, considering a large percentage of women don’t even know their correct bra size. Our bra fitting guide should help you get your head around the numbers and letters.

The safest bet when it comes to sizes is to get snooping. When your partner is out and about or you’re doing the washing, just check the label in one of their bras and find out what size they wear. It’s a fool proof way to find the right size and avoid any confusion (or offence).

When it comes to the style of bra, that’s really down to you. If you’re looking for sexy lingerie for the wife, a plunge bra is a seductive choice, bound to make her feel sexy. Whereas if you’re looking for sexy lingerie for your girlfriend, a peephole bra or push up bra can be a naughty choice, allowing your partner to show off a little extra cleavage or give you easy access to their nipples. Our bra style guide goes into more detail about the types of bra you can choose and how they suit different breast sizes and shapes.

Buying Alternative Lingerie Gifts

When it comes to buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend, why not opt for something a little different that’s more suited strictly to the bedroom? A corset or basque is an ideal lingerie gift as it feels a little bit more special and can help them dress as fierce as they feel. Alternatively, a bodystocking can help your partner cover up and leave a little to the imagination while feeling incredibly sexy.

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Matching Lingerie Gifts

Once you’ve found the right bra, you’ll probably want to go for the matching knickers. After all, matching underwear sets can make any girl feel special and sexy. There are often different choices in the same style when it comes to the bottom half, whether it’s a thong, Brazilian, briefs or a string. If you want to make things a little kinkier, something crotchless could be the perfect choice.

When it comes to colour, try to find colours you think your partner would like and not just you. Of course, it’ll be important for you to also like what you buy, but if you choose a colour that your partner never wears or doesn’t like there’s a good chance they might not feel 100% comfortable in your choice of lingerie.

Lingerie Gifts: Accessories

Don’t be predictable when buying underwear for your girlfriend or partner. Sexy lingerie accessories are a naughty addition to your present and can be used to tease your partner later on in the bedroom. Remember you can accessorise any lingerie outfit to turn it up to new levels of sexiness, giving your partner a little something extra in the meantime.


For many people, the sheer sight of stockings is enough to drive them wild, whether wearing them or just seeing their partner in them. They can be one of the most sexually empowering items of lingerie… and sizing is much easier to get right with these!

Suspender Belts

How do you take stockings to the next level? Attach them to a sexy suspender belt, that’s how. You’ll often find a suspender belt that matches your bra and knicker, basque or other choice.

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Quick Tips for the Perfect Lingerie Gift

Still wondering how to gift lingerie? Not to worry, here are some quick tips to bear in mind before buying underwear for your girlfriend, wife or partner:

number 1

Get the Size Right

We can’t stress this enough – just check! Not only do you run the risk of upsetting your partner by not knowing their size, but it also means your lovely lignerie gift is useless if you get it wrong. Again – just check!

number 2

Do Your Research

OK, time to go undercover. In the weeks before you make a purchase, try to drop a few subtle questions to find out what your partner likes. This is especially important if the underwear you buy is going to become part of her everyday collection and be worn regularly. Secondly, take on board all the tips and tricks in this lingerie buying guide and you’ll be all prepped to make a well-informed purchase.

number 3

Be Mindful of Her Insecurities

This is where you really need to know and understand your partner in order to get it right. If your partner has a part of their body that they’ve said they’re uncomfortable with, account for this with your purchase. Whilst you should be doing everything you can to build your partner’s confidence, buying something that plays to her favourite assets will help make her feel much more empowered.

number 4

Pick for Her as Well as You

Sure, it’s important that you like the lingerie, after all your partner probably won’t want to wear something you really don’t like. But remember, it’s not all about you, try to find something she’ll like first and foremost.

number 5

Decide What It’s For

Going for a naughty weekend away? Something crotchless might be the perfect idea. Shopping for something more everyday? A peephole bra isn’t going to do the job. Try to think about the intent behind your gift before choosing.

number 6

If in Doubt, Play it Safe

If you’re really not sure what your partner would like, try to take inspiration from her existing lingerie collection. That way you’ll probably discover what she’s comfortable in. For example, can’t spot any thongs? She probably prefers something different.

number 7

Keep Your Receipt Handy

Look, it’s not always going to work out properly and we know that. That’s why our returns policy is in place to help you return or exchange your gift without hassle!

There you have it, our complete guide on how to buy underwear for your girlfriend, wife or partner. Now you’re all ready, it’s time to get shopping for your sexiest lingerie gift yet! Just browse our lingerie section to find the perfect lingerie gift for your partner. From bras and corsets to stockings and babydolls, you’ll find everything to impress your partner.