Swimwear Styles to Help you Bring the Heat

Getting pool or beach ready isn’t always easy. Your lingerie lasts you year-round, but when it comes to updating your swimwear collection, it can be tricky to find the perfect look. Whether you feel confident strutting around in your bikini or want something that helps you feel like you’re able to keep yourself covered up, we understand that getting beach ready is an important part of your summer prep!

Here are some of our top tips to help you discover the best swimwear look to help you feel great, as well as a few ways to match your usual lingerie collection with some seriously sizzling swimwear. So, whether your lingerie drawer is bright and bold, simple or strappy, we’ve got a bikini or swimsuit to suit your style.

5 tips for finding the right swimwear

Shopping for swimwear isn’t something we do every day, in fact, some of us might only do it once every couple of years. We’ve all been digging around our wardrobe looking for that old bikini on the eve of a holiday, but it’s definitely not a way to help you feel at your fiercest poolside! So, if you’re shopping for a new swimwear look ready to bask in the sun, here are our five top tips…

number 1

Get the fit right

Just as we always say when shopping for lingerie, getting the right size swimwear is the most key component. Getting ready to tan by the sea can often leave us feeling more exposed than usual – that’s why it's important to ensure you’ve got the right fit to make you feel (and look) great. Our bra fitting guide will help you ensure you’ve got your sizes right – meaning you won’t be wrestling with an ill-fitting bikini all holiday!

number 2

Be practical with purpose

Think about what you’re going to be wearing your swimwear for. Lounging by the pool requires a completely different set of considerations to heading out for action-packed water sports all day! A one-piece swimsuit or monokini could be a better idea if you’re likely to be spending the day swimming, whereas those long, hot days by the pool often require a bikini to keep you looking hot but feeling cool.

number 3

Play to your favourite assets

Let’s get one thing clear – the only person you need to impress in your swimwear is you! That’s why we suggest thinking about what your favourite assets are and choosing swimwear that helps to show these off. This could be a deep V-neckline to show off your cleavage, or a thong style bikini bottom to let your curves take centre stage. This works both ways, if you’re conscious of something, then choose swimwear that makes you feel more confident.

number 4


We understand that creating a look for the beach or pool is about more than just the bikini or swimsuit, you should think about how you’d like to accessorise your look. Sunglasses, hat and sandals (and sun cream, of course!) are all classic ways to give your outfit an extra pop. There are also extras, such as our range of cover ups, that can help you boost your confidence and give you another option when you’re getting ready.

number 5

Sweat the details

Our range of swimwear has been put together to offer options that include all kinds of different features, colours and styles. Think about what you want from your swimwear; are you in the market for something that shimmers and shines in the sun? Or is a lacy look more your style? Make sure you take your time to browse the entire range and find the items that work for you.

Different bikini styles to match your lingerie drawer staples

Chances are you probably spend more time thinking about and buying lingerie, right? Well, there are obviously a lot of similarities between your choices of lingerie and swimwear. We’ve listed some of the most popular styles of lingerie and how they can be compared to swimwear to help you slip into a style that looks and feels great for you!

Full-support bra

If your lingerie drawer provides some serious support, we know you’ll probably be looking for something similar when it comes to your swimwear.

Try out a bikini top that has a sized cup in the same size as your usual bra and offers a double chest strap and/or halter neck tie. These features are great because they’ll provide you with that extra bit of support whilst also looking amazing.

The plunge bra

If your go-to bra style is a plunge and you like to make a splash, deep cut swimsuits are super flattering and perfect for you.

A super sexy cut and plunging neckline will help draw the eye to your cleavage and into your waist for a simply jaw-dropping look.

Lace looks

If your lingerie draw is made up mostly of lace, we have plenty of swimwear you’ll love. Whether you rock sheer lace bras, French knickers, or you’re just a sucker for lace detailing, these bikinis are made for you.

Many of our options give the illusion of being sheer lace but are fully lined for a family-friendly sunbathing look. Lace-look lingerie is a great way to get those sexy lingerie vibes whilst keeping things a little more under wraps than you would in the bedroom…

Padded bras

If you shop for lingerie based on which will give you the best boost, we’ve got bikinis you’ll adore.

Keep an eye out for padded swimwear, especially those with extreme boost cups. These can give you killer cleavage to show off poolside, with some even boosting your cleavage by up to three cup sizes!


If you don’t require a whole lot of support and simple, sexy, style is more your vibe, we’re pairing you with some show-stopping swimwear. With simple cuts and heavy embellishment, our range of swimsuits could be the perfect way to go. If you like to keep your bralets simple and understated, opt for a bikini for a classic cut with a more subtle pattern.

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Whatever style you choose for your summer look, feeling great is all about owning your body and dressing in a way that’s all about you! View our full range of swimwear online today.