How to Organise Your Lingerie Drawer

Hey there gorgeous, tired of scrambling through your lingerie drawer searching for the perfect pair of panties to match your outfit? Let's get organised. Organising your lingerie drawer is a great, productive way to while away an afternoon. Tackling your lingerie drawer may seem daunting, but the task is more than worth it and you’ll feel refreshed once it’s done.

To lend a hand, we’ve put together our top tips for spring cleaning your lingerie drawer.

How to Organise Your Underwear Drawer

Now comes the hard part – sorting through your beloved lingerie drawer. As with any form of organising, the best thing to do is sort your existing pieces into piles: keep, donate, or throw away.

How many pairs of underwear should I have?

The question is not how many pairs of underwear you should have, but how many options you want to be able to drape over those luscious curves, you gorgeous thing. How many pairs will it take to make you feel bold and confident, enticing your admirers with every move? Will it be a smouldering red lace thong or a delicate sheer pair of high-waisted knickers? Allow yourself the pleasure of indulging in a collection of intimate attire that speaks to your sultry sensibilities. The number is up to you, but make sure each pair leaves you feeling irresistible.

Keep lingerie that makes you look and feel great

Anything that still makes you look and feel great should go in the keep pile. Try your lingerie on as you go to make sure everything still fits – that fancy lingerie set you’ve loved forever may look stunning sat in your drawer, but if it's no longer supporting you or doesn’t fit properly, it’s not worth keeping. It can be difficult saying goodbye to your old favourites, but if it’s not doing you any favours, it’s time to get rid!

Feel free to keep hold of any particularly special pieces that hold great memories - for example, a bridal lingerie set - but consider storing it safely elsewhere, away from your everyday lingerie options. Anything you aren’t keeping can then be sorted into two further piles – donate, or throw away.

Donate newer bras that you aren’t keeping

Bras that just don’t feel like ‘you’ anymore, or don’t fit perfectly but you’ve only worn once or twice, should go into the donate pile. There are a range of women’s shelters and charities that take bra donations, so you can rest assured safe in the knowledge that your pieces will be helping another person feel as good as you did in them. This pile is reserved for bras that are in new or excellent condition only – any bras that have been worn extensively belong in the bin.

Throw away underwear and older pieces

Any old knickers or thongs, or bras that have seen better days, should go in the throw away pile. Be brutal here – we know it can be hard throwing away pieces that you’ve loved, but you’re really just creating room for some new favourites. Let them go, honey!

Out With The Old, In With The New

Once your underwear and lingerie drawer is organised, you’re in the perfect position to see what needs replacing, or what you think you’re lacking. Had to get rid of that sexy black lace set that made you feel your fiercest? You deserve a little treat and it’s time to treat yourself to a new one now.

Make an inventory of what you have, what you need, and what you’d like. A well-organised lingerie drawer should have a variety of options for different occasions. A multiway bra is ideal for day to wear, ideal to have on hand if you love asymmetrical or off-the-shoulder styles, while push up bras are great for an instant lift and confidence boost. And of course, everyone needs a sexy lingerie set or two in their life (or three, or four, or five – you get the picture!). If you’re looking for inspiration for your next haul, our range of lingerie guides are packed full of practical advice on the latest trends, and how to find styles that will make you feel as fabulous as you look.

How do you organise underwear easily?

Let’s talk about ways to organise lingerie, baby – say goodbye to digging through your drawers trying to find that matching set. Keep your sexy lingerie separate from your everyday undies by using simple drawer dividers. Or if you have the space, hang your bras on special hangers that keep their shape and prevent the dreaded strap tangle – this is a great hack for push-up bras that can get a little bulky inside drawers. P.S. Don't hide your favourite pieces away, proudly display your most coveted lingerie on a pretty hanger or hook.

How do you organise your knickers?

Any task can be a sexy and fun task if you want it to be. Keeping your knickers organised can be a sexy and fun task, too - especially when you can easily locate your favourite sexy pieces when it’s time to don them. Start by grouping your knickers by colour or style. Consider drawer dividers or organisers to keep everything in its place. You can even display your favourite pieces on hooks or hangers for easy access. Don't forget to add a touch of seduction with scented sachets to keep your lingerie drawers smelling divine. So go ahead and indulge in organising your lingerie – make it a fun event with music and mood lighting, and it might end up being your new favourite pastime.

How to fold knickers

Lay your knickers flat on a surface with the front facing up. Next, fold the crotch area in half towards the waistline. Then, fold one side over the other, tucking in the leg holes for a perfectly formed package. And would you look at that, a perfectly organised knicker drawer ready for you to dive into any time for playful fun. For a little added spice to your lingerie drawer, indulge in our flirty bodysuits.

How do you organise thongs in a drawer?

Let's talk about thongs, shall we? We know these little pieces of lingerie can be a bit tricky to find once you put them away, to avoid losing them, place them in a soft little bag inside your drawer. Or for a visually appealing drawer - arrange them by colour.

How to Fold Thongs

First, lay your thong flat and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, fold the crotch upward so that it lays flat against the waistband. Next, fold the sides inward so they meet in the middle. Voila, you've got yourself a perfectly folded thong, ready to be tucked. Is your collection looking a little empty? Our colourful range of thongs can help you replenish your collection.

How to Fold a Bra

We know it sounds mundane, but trust us, folding bras can be fun, too. First, smooth out the cups and lay them flat on a surface. Then, gently fold one cup inwards and repeat with the other. Bring the straps together and fold the band in half. There you have it, a perfectly folded bra, ready to be tucked away or shown off to that special someone. So go ahead, feel confident and flirtatious even when it comes to mundane tasks like bra-folding – act like the main character, you never know who might be watching.

How to store tights

Those silky-smooth wonders that hug your curves in all the right places aren’t technically lingerie, but they often get thrown in the knicker drawer, right? When it comes to storing these little beauties, you want to treat them with the TLC they deserve. So, ditch the wooden drawers (if you can). To avoid those pesky snags and ladders, take them out of any wooden storage and get yourself a cute fishnet bag or organiser box to keep them in.

How do you organise underwear without drawers?

Let us tell you a little secret. You can organise your underwear without a single drawer. Yes, you heard us. You can get creative and use some saucy alternatives like a little organiser, a hanging jewellery stand, or even a cute little basket on your nightstand. Not only will it save you space, but it will leave your space feeling oh-so-organised. Let your inner seductress come out and display your lingerie around your room.

How to Look After Your Lingerie

Did you know that the washing machine and dryer could be slowly ruining your favourite bra? Or that your washing powder could be destroying your delicate fabrics? Want to keep your lingerie looking oh-so-tempting? First things first, always check the care label. Those delicate fabrics need to be handled with care, so handwash those real delicate intimates in lukewarm water and use a gentle detergent. Don't forget to rinse thoroughly and avoid wringing or twisting. Drying is important too; lay flat on a towel or hang up to air dry. And, if you want to keep your lingerie looking fresh and fabulous, try to avoid wearing it for more than one day at a time. That way, it'll be ready and waiting for your next sizzling rendezvous.

Our guide on How To Take Care Of Your Lingerie tells you all you need to know to keep your bras and underwear feeling as luxurious as they did the day you bought them.

Now you’ve spring cleaned your lingerie drawer, why not take a peek at our full lingerie collection? From your everyday essentials to erotic sets guaranteed to spice things up, explore pieces that will have you looking and feeling your most confident, sexy self.