The Ultimate Sexy Nightwear Guide

Discover a sweet and seductive world of babydolls, chemises and more in our guide to nightwear that will lead to infinite confidence (and some earth-shattering sex, too). We want to turn your confidence up and turn you on to the sexiest and most sensual nightwear there is to offer. In this guide, we explore the difference between the babydoll and chemise and tell you why we think you should also be rocking the satin chemise in your daily wardrobe (as well as rocking someone else’s world wearing it).

What is a chemise?

Considered the original undergarment, the chemise is a sultry little number that many now slip into as a nightie or a dress.

What is a babydoll?

The babydoll is a shorter, flirtier style of nightwear.

What style is a babydoll dress?

The babydoll dress is a short, sleeveless nightgown that traditionally drapes openly from the breasts down to a hemline that often grazes the bum. Babydolls can be completely non-wire or feature built-in underwire bras, for those who like the extra support of padded bras.

We can’t get enough of the way the fabric floats around the waist, creating a silhouette so beautiful that your playmate will be lusting for you.

Why is it called a babydoll dress?

Though created in response to a shortage of fabric in World War II, the name itself for the babydoll dress was popularised by the 1956 movie Baby Doll, in which the main character dons the timeless item throughout the film and on the movie poster. Is it any surprise that sexy babydolls have remained such a popular staple of sexy lingerie? They’re adorable, sensual and flattering all at once.

What's the difference between the chemise and babydoll?

Whilst both the chemise and babydoll are short in length, the chemise hangs slightly lower in length to the mid-thigh area or lower. For those days where you don’t feel like bearing all, keeping the babydoll on whilst in the throes of a steamy session is a move both modest and sexy as hell.

The chemise offers more coverage for those magnificent legs of yours and doubles up as a sensual dress or a soft nightie to sleep in. If you’re feeling playful, a babydoll is a flirty piece of lingerie to wear when you want to tease and tantalise your playmate.

Can you Wear a Chemise as a Dress?

Can you add a chemise to your wardrobe? Well, do orgasms feel incredible? YES, you sexy thing. This slinky little number is just too good to be nightwear only. Team a silk chemise with some sheer black tights or fishnets (to add that extra little spice), layer up with a t-shirt/polo neck and a necklace and throw on some big boots and you’ve nailed a sexy casual look that will turn heads any time of the day.

When Would you Wear a Chemise?

As a Wardrobe Staple

Want to be effortlessly sexy in the streets, and effortlessly sexy in the sheets? As underwear-as-outerwear enthusiasts, we think there are so many perfect opportunities to don a chemise:

  • To the bar
  • To a gig
  • Brunch with friends
  • A casual coffee date with that cutie you just matched with on Tinder
  • As a nightie in bed with that cutie you just matched with on Tinder after the coffee date went really well

As Nightwear

We’re OBSESSED with the way satin glides over curves, which is why we love a chemise nightie so much. Choosing a more sultry, sexy chemise with cut-out details will really amp it up in the bedroom. Initiate foreplay with your beau by getting them to slowly untie a laced-up chemise.

What we Think

Worried that a chemise is a little too much for the public eye? Listen up, gorgeous. We live in the age of feeling good and doing whatever you want. So if it makes you happy, wear it and rock the hell out of it. Our handy guide to wearing underwear as outerwear has all the tips for you on how to spice up your daily wardrobe and kick your confidence into overdrive, whether you want to show a little more flesh or wear all the layers.

What is a Cami Set?

Whether silk, lace, or cotton, cami sets are a playful addition to your underwear drawer. Sexy camis are a classic two-piece nightwear set that gives you and your playmate that extra little bit of foreplay in the bedroom. Will they gently slide the shorts off first, or the top?

It’s a Match

For moments where you’re around friends or family in your PJs, the shorts of the cami set allow you modesty whilst remaining super cute, which makes the cami set an all-around winner and a great choice for daily loungewear and sleepovers. If you have any hen dos coming up, why not get matching PJs and robes with your besties?

The world of nightwear is so versatile that you can be as cute and cosy, or as sexy and wild as you want to be. So what are you waiting for? The time for owning your sexual power is now, and we can help you harness it with our lingerie and nightwear.

AS x