How to Style a Corset

The corset look is everywhere at the moment, whether it’s light corseting on an evening dress or a full-body corset paired with jeans that gives you the kind of sexy silhouette dreams are made of. The corset is back, and we are totally here for it. But keeping it classy is key to ensuring you fly high in the style stakes whilst rocking your gorgeous new look in comfort, all night long.

So, let’s channel our inner Moulin Rouge and look at the ways you can style a corset to dress up any look.

What is a Corset?

A corset is a clothing item worn to shape and support the torso. The history of the corset is that they became super popular during the Victorian era as a symbol of femininity and class but interestingly, they are also used for medical purposes sometimes following surgery...though they are less ‘sexy satin and lace’ and more ‘beige and boring’! A corset, unlike a waspie, typically covers from the hips to the bust and features lace, hooks, or buttons to adjust the tightness. It’s worth noting that corsets can be uncomfortable or even harmful if worn excessively or incorrectly, and, contrary to the behaviour of some of our favourite burlesque stars, they’re not recommended as a permanent solution for body shaping even if they can have permanent or long-lasting results.

How do You Look Good in a Corset?

The question should be, how do you not look good in a corset?

Well firstly, make sure you choose a corset that fits you properly. It should be snug to your waist and hips whilst not looking like you’ve been poured into it. If it’s too tight you’ll only end up uncomfortable and short of breath, and no one enjoys a night out when they can’t breathe. Double boob isn’t the look you want either so make sure you lace it up to the perfect tightness to maximise your mammaries without getting overspill. The perfect corset will give your boobs a boost and cinch you in at the waist giving you that gorgeous Dita-Von-Tease style hourglass shape.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Listen up, you gorgeous thing, you. Please remember that your shape is yours and yours alone. Whether you’re endowed with large hips and boobs or you’re a petite princess, please remember not to chase after unrealistic beauty standards and love yourself exactly as you are.

If you’re healthy and happy but really want that itty-bitty waist look, a corset, basque or waspie will definitely give you a helping hand. If you’re overweight and carry excess weight on your tummy area, a healthy diet with plenty of water and all the nutrition you need will help you shift weight and naturally bring your waist size down. Oblique exercises will help to tone your waist at the sides, but the truth is, an hourglass shape is something you either have naturally or need a little help obtaining, and that’s where quality clothing and sexy lingerie that enhance your natural beauty come in!

How Do You Make a Corset Look Classy?

It’s all about what you wear with your corset top. You can go understated smart casual or bring the heat with a cleavage-heavy shoulder and leg-bearing look, it depends on how confident you are. For a smart casual look, we recommend pairing corsets or basque tops with jeans. Whether you go for dressed-down ripped jeans or your fave figure-hugging skinnies, a corset top really adds glamour to the timeless trend of denim. Another casual pairing is cargo or combat trousers. Some of us remember this look from the 90s when we did our best to channel the gorgeous girls from All Saints. Well, the look is back and quite frankly, it’s about time – who needs a bag on a night out when you’ve got pockets deeper than Mary Poppins’ holdall?

Dare to bare? Then pop your corset on with a sexy skirt or skin tight leggings and show off your figure. If you feel like this look is a bit too flesh-flashing, pop a tailored blazer over the top to add a touch of sophistication.

Do You Wear a Bra with a Corset Top?

Great question but it depends on how much support is offered in your corset top. Some just have the look of a built-in bra, while others have actual underwiring and possibly even padding to give you a lift without needing a regular bra. The lines will be smoother without a bra underneath, so your best option is to make sure you’re spending your money on quality. Choose fashion that looks good in real life and not just online, as you can find with very cheap fashion retailers the delivered product looks nothing like you expect it to.

What is the Difference Between a Basque and a Corset?

Basques and corsets are very similar and they have quite similar roles in our wardrobes or underwear drawers but the main differences between a traditional corset and basques are:

  • A corset features lace detailing to tighten the garment while a basque has hook & eye detailing like you’d find on a bra
  • Corsets are very firm and feature strong boning to cinch in the waist. They have actually been known to break ribs due to their incredibly hardy structure, whereas basques tend to be softer and feature built-in bra cups for support and shaping
  • Corsets are less comfortable when wearing them for a long time and don’t allow a lot of movement of the torso – basques are better for a night out for example where you can dance freely and eat a pizza and the end of the night!
  • Corsets tend to be made from non-stretch materials such as satin whereas basques feature lace detailing that makes them a little more breathable and malleable.

So, to clarify the question ‘is a basque a corset’, the answer is no, but they each help give that smooth silhouette, and both look amazing worn as part of a going out look or in the bedroom paired with some sexy stockings or hold-ups.

What is the Difference Between a Bustier and a Corset

In simple terms, a corset extends from the bust down to the hips to give the hourglass look. A bustier is a type of bra that sits under the bust and doesn’t cover the stomach area at all. A bustier is designed purely for chest support, whilst a corset offers the full shebang: support, shape and downright sexiness.

So, now you’re equipped with all the style tips you need to rock corset clothing, it’s time to get shopping. Remember that basques and corsets have plenty of the same style features, so consider both in your search for the perfect underwear as outerwear collection.

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