Honeymoon Lingerie Ideas for the Bride to Be

So, the wedding night is over, your gorgeous white wedding lingerie is slung haphazardly on the floor after a night of passion with your new beau, and you are both looking forward to basking in your new found married life on honeymoon. But you want to keep that sexy sparkle going when you’re away, right? No doubt the wedding night was probably fantastic, but imagine the fireworks when you’re away, just the two of you! No wedding day stress, no in-laws winding you up, just peace, romance and lots and lots, (hopefully) of sex.

You need to make sure your sexy honeymoon lingerie game is on point, and we are here to help you. Read on for our tips and advice on bridal and honeymoon lingerie that will get your spouse’s pulse racing faster than you can say sex on the beach.

Choosing Lingerie for Your Honeymoon

When considering lingerie styles to pack for your honeymoon, it’s really important you consider the weather where you’re going. If you are lucky enough to be heading to a hot weather destination such as Mexico, the Maldives or the Caribbean, let this be a factor when you decide what to pack. Corsets and basques are undeniably sexy, but they can be warm.

We expect you’ll have air conditioning, but still, in very hot places it can still be warm of an evening, so think about this before you pop them in the case. The same goes for stockings, are you going to wear them in 30-degree heat? If not, you might be better opting for a beautiful bodysuit in a delicate lace. These are ideal because, not only do they look sensational, they are lightweight and take up hardly any room in your case, meaning you can take a few to keep things interesting for the duration of your romantic break.

What is the Sexiest Lingerie Colour?

Here at Ann Summers, we believe the sexiest lingerie is the lingerie you feel sexiest in. There are no rules, but if you need a little guidance, let’s talk colour.

Bright colours, especially oranges, yellows, and reds look stunning on darker skin tones, the colour just pops and showcases your figure to perfection.

If you have blue eyes, choose lingerie on the blue colour spectrum to make your eyes pop. Give your spouse a coy ‘head down, eyes up’ look and watch them absolutely melt. Bring out brown eyes with darker tones such as deep purples, browns and navy – puppy dog eyes never did look so good than when paired with a gorgeous lingerie set.

Blondes look stunning in pastels, think baby pink, duck egg blue and mint greens, a softer palette to match a softer hair colour. Typically, blondes tend to have a lighter skin tone as well, so dark colours can make you look a little washed out. Although with a holiday glow, you can probably get away with anything.

Brunettes can easily pull off stronger colours, earthy tones and a range of sexy animal prints, if that’s your thing. Even if it’s not though, why not try something new? You may just awaken a tiger you didn’t know existed in you!

For our firey red-heads, you will dazzle in emerald greens, reds, and royal blues or purples – let your honeymoon lingerie shine as bright as your beautiful hair!

What About White Honeymoon Lingerie?

Of course, white is often the colour of choice for brides on their wedding day, but on honeymoon, why not bring a splash of colour? Show your sassy, bold and confident side, wear colour with conviction, after all, it might not even be on that long.

Choosing Your Honeymoon Nightwear

With a stunning range of sexy nightwear to choose from, it’s hard to know what to go for. Do you normally sleep clothed or unclothed? If you sleep naked, you will want to pick something you’re not going to feel on your body when you eventually collapse into a sweaty heap with your beau. We love a barely-there babydoll or chemise that leaves little but just enough to the imagination to drive your spouse absolutely wild. And if you want something white to give off bridal honeymoon nightwear vibes, a white babydoll really looks the part – innocent yet sexy, cute but flirty – the perfect bedroom wear for your honeymoon!

Let’s be honest, you can’t be 100% sexy 100% of the time (and if you can, please tell us how) so you might want to mix up your seduction wear with a classy camis set. Typically made from a soft satin, camis come in all shapes, you have 2-piece tops and shorts and then there are all-in-ones, with halter straps and a backless finish. So even when you’re not sexing things up to crazy new heights, you’re giving your partner a reminder of just how lucky they are!

To finish off your nightwear packing list, don’t forget a sexy, lightweight robe. Yes of course the hotel will probably supply you with a towel dressing gown, but in warmer weather you’re not going to want to slip that on as you step on to your balcony and finish your evening with a nightcap, are you?

A lightweight robe in either a cotton, lace or satin is the perfect finishing touch to your honeymoon nightwear collection. You can slip it on after love-making to take the cursory trip to the loo, wear it whilst you’re getting yourself glammed up for your evening out, or pop it on to open the door to room service. Yes, a honeymoon robe is not only sexy and sensual, but also practical too.

We hope our guide to finding the perfect honeymoon lingerie has inspired you. With all this talk of honeymoon lingerie, don’t forget to pack your sexy honeymoon swimwear to wow both by the pool and in private. Whether you opt for colourful, fun and playful, or sexy, seductive and suggestive, or a mixture of both, you are guaranteed a honeymoon to remember with the Ann Summers wedding and honeymoon lingerie collection.