How to Be More Confident, Starting with Everyday Lingerie

  • Hair: Clean, glossy, styled
  • Brows: On point
  • Makeup: Utterly Instagramable
  • Outfit: Classy, sexy, stylish
  • Underwear: Faded, frayed, off white

Yes, we are all guilty of it: Putting huge effort into the things people see and none into the stuff they don’t. But that doesn’t make it right, does it?

Women’s underwear should make you feel gorgeous every day. It shouldn’t only be bought for that special anniversary or your wedding night, your underwear can make a great difference to the way you feel. Whether you love simple and breathable cotton underwear or sexy everyday underwear, it should make you feel damn good – like the goddess you are.

Ann Summers’ Everyday Lingerie collection does just that. We know certain erotic lingerie mightn’t be the most practical for everyday wear. Strappy underwear, peephole bras and pieces featuring detailing such as diamantes perhaps look better when you are out of clothes rather than in them. So we wanted to create a range of underwear for women that makes you feel amazing, even when no one is looking. It can make a big difference to the confidence and sexiness you exude.

How to Be Sexy Every Day

Dopamine dressing, in simple terms, is the art of dressing to improve your mood. It’s something many of us do day in and day out without even realising, automatically choosing to wear certain items that we know we love and make us feel our best. But if it’s something you’re not aware of, let us help you out. We’re going to show you how you can introduce dopamine dressing into your life with our 4 top tips of little things you can do day-to-day to get a rush of that feel-good hormone.

How to Be Sexy Every Day

Sexiness is a funny thing. Some people feel sexy in their loungewear or a hoodie and joggers, they just know they’ve got it. Others need to be fully dressed up and glammed to the max to feel deserving of the word ‘sexy’. What does it come down to? Confidence. Your confidence levels undoubtedly define how sexy you feel and you project how you feel about yourself onto others too.

Physical appearance is only a small factor in how to feel sexy and how sexy you come across to other people. Confidence, however, is not an easy trait to master. Whilst we know it helps, wearing sexy lingerie alone isn’t going to automatically make you feel like a goddess, this comes from within.

How to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is formed in our very early years. Contributing factors are a loving and stable upbringing with loving, stable parents or parental figures. Whether separated or together, it’s the message parents send to a child that forms the child’s sense of confidence, self-love, self-respect, and self-worth.

If you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself, it might be that some of the messaging in your formative years wasn’t ideal, so now you want to know how to get confidence. The great news is, it’s never too late to gain confidence and start appreciating just how amazing, capable and brilliant you are. And here are a few tips on how to boost confidence:

  • Eat well and exercise. Whether you’re naturally slim or you’ve got plenty to shake on the dance floor, eating well and exercising makes a colossal difference to how you feel about yourself. It boosts your energy, helps improve your skin and releases those delightful happy hormones that give you a natural lift and make you feel awesome. Keep those curves though because our range of plus-size lingerie isn’t going to wear itself.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Seriously, we all need to stop doing this. There is only one of you in the world. You are enough, you are special and unique. When we stop comparing ourselves to others and start comparing ourselves to the person we want to be, that’s when we can work on being our best selves.
  • Be kind to yourself. Instead of picking on all your ‘imperfections’, start giving yourself some positive affirmations. Look at the things you have achieved, give yourself a pat on the back, and remember this is all relative. Whilst one person might have just run a marathon and then rescued a cat from a river, others might have achieved getting out of bed for the first time in a week following a heartbreak, illness, or mental struggles. Give yourself credit where it’s due, even if you think on the grand scale of things that your achievements are only small.
  • Challenge yourself. When we are challenged, we have a chance to excel. When we excel, we feel good about ourselves. So, go for that job you didn’t think you were quite ready for, confront that awkward situation at work, buy that sexy dress in the next size up or down and work on those body goals. Challenge yourself to do things out of your comfort zone, it’s the only way we ever grow.
  • Treat yourself, honey. As superficial as it may sound, treating yourself to a gorgeous new outfit, jewellery, makeup or indeed, beautiful everyday lingerie, makes you feel ace. We all love a bit of newness; it makes us feel shiny and new too! So, if you’ve had your eye on some sexy everyday lingerie or a head-turning little number for the club, buy it. You deserve it - especially after all that healthy eating and exercising, wink wink.

Being confident doesn’t mean you’re the loudest person in the room or always at the centre of attention, confidence is an inner knowing of your own value. The shyest person might be super confident and likewise, the loudest person might be battling an inner voice telling them they are not good enough. It’s also important to remember the difference between confidence and arrogance. One smiles, and the other smirks. There are many ways you can feel great about yourself but here at Ann Summers we believe your underwear is a great place to start.

What is the Best Underwear for Women?

This is quite subjective because, of course, it depends on your personal tastes and what you need from your everyday underwear. Do you need something that holds you in or are you into barely-there Brazilian knickers? Do you love lace lingerie or need cotton for its breathability and longevity? We say it’s good to have a range of underwear, so you don’t get sick of putting the same thing on…and your other half doesn’t get bored of taking it off!

Ultimately though, ladies’ underwear should offer comfort and quality whilst also making you feel amazing. Your everyday underwear doesn’t have to be black or white and nothing in between. It can be colourful, have detailing, and make you feel effortlessly sexy.

And lingerie items such as basque underwear shouldn’t be saved for the bedroom only. Basques and corsets give you a stunning silhouette under clothing. They help smooth everything out and give you a boost whether you’re going home alone or with someone deserving of your amazing self. Want to boost your confidence? Start from within and work outwards. Focus first on the things under the skin that people can’t see – your physical and mental wellness. Then work outwards in layers, beginning with the lingerie that adorns your skin. You’ll be feeling as special as you are in no time.


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