Erotic Lingerie: Finding Your Sexy Style and Owning It

Erotic lingerie has been worn for centuries to spice things up in the bedroom and turn the heads of men the world over. But what is it about adult erotic clothing that can take things from ‘this is nice’ to ‘I can no longer feel my legs’?

And do people really wear erotic lingerie just for their partner? Find out everything you need to know about erotic style and how to pull it off in our erotic wear style guide.

Why Do We Wear Erotic Underwear?

Lingerie is very sexy, there’s no denying it. Good quality lingerie is made with the view to flattering your figure and accentuating your favourite features. When you slip on a sexy lingerie set, teddy, or basque, there’s no denying you feel gorgeous, and your confidence is boosted as you admire yourself in the mirror. The act of wearing erotic clothing is almost like a form of foreplay for a woman, it helps get you in the mood, but the effects of erotic clothing on men are also undeniable. We know from countless scientific studies and the behavioural traits of men, that they are visual creatures, their arousal comes in large part from what they see in front of them. Women have been wearing erotic lingerie for centuries to appease the fancies of men, grab their attention and make them come back for more. But has this changed over the years? Are women now more geared towards sensual dress for their own confidence and sense of self?

Wearing Sexy Erotic Lingerie for Yourself

Both women and the lingerie they wear have evolved over the centuries, as have the reasons women wear erotic clothing. And surprise, surprise, they no longer wear erotic lingerie simply to turn a man’s head, they do it for themselves too.

Like donning a gorgeous new dress or an expensive pair of shoes that look as good as they feel, erotic wear can give a woman a huge confidence boost. No one feels sexy in an old greying bra, but pop on a new, sexy white bra that fits perfectly and feels great against the skin, and you get an uplift in more ways than one. There doesn’t need to be a reason, there doesn’t need to be an end-goal, just knowing you are wearing something gorgeous under your clothing helps to boost your confidence and make you feel great. Plus, it helps you make a good impression if you have unexpected company at the end of the night.

Be Whoever You Want to Be with Erotic Clothing

Much like an actor slipping into their costume ready for a scene, getting dressed up in erotic sexy clothing allows you to become exactly who you want to be. If you are a little shy or inexperienced, dressing up in ladies erotic clothing can help bring out the vixen in you, you will probably really surprise yourself. Whether it’s dressing up as a naughty maid or becoming an object of X-rated fantasy with crotchless lingerie , you will be amazed at the effects on your erogenous zones when you step out of your comfort zone. The best erotic lingerie will make you feel like a goddess, and when you see the reaction from your other half, any self-conscious concerns or confidence lapses will fade away.

Which Type of Erotic Wear is Right for You?

If you are just stepping into the world of erotic wear and dress up, it can be a daunting playground to enter. Do you go for a feminine lace body or go all out with kinky wet look erotic clothing? Are you confident enough to wear a barely there peephole bra and if so, would you dare to pair it with a crotchless brief?

If you are a little body conscious, a sexy dress will spice things up without leaving you feeling too exposed. Equally a gorgeous basque will give you a sexy silhouette and accentuate all the right curves whilst keeping a little under wraps until you’re ready. But if you want to show off your gorgeous curves, a matching erotic lingerie set is guaranteed to make you feel amazing and get your partner’s heart racing.

Erotic Clothing to Set the Scene

If you really want to step up your erotic wear and introduce a little kink to the bedroom, wet look clothing and see through lingerie add an element of BDSM play. Whether you submit or take control, stepping into this world lets you become whoever you want to be, and the perfect outfit choice only enhances your enjoyment, and that of your partner. And if you need any advice on our journey into all things BDSM, we have the ultimate beginners guide to bondage to get you started.

When choosing your erotic lingerie or clothing, the most important thing to remember is to choose what you love. You’re the one wearing it, you have to feel sexy and empowered. If you choose something you think someone else will like but don’t feel totally comfortable in, it’ll be harder to relax into the evening's shenanigans! So, shop for you and the rest will come naturally!

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