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Bra Types: Choosing the Right Bra Style

Ok, so you’ve worked out your bra size. That’s great, but we’re only halfway there on our journey to finding the perfect bra fit. Size is incredibly important when choosing the right bra, but not paying enough attention to shape and style can undo all that good work. When you’re shopping for a bra that fits just right, it’s important to take into account your breast shape to find the right type and style of bra and ultimately the perfect fit.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about finding the right bra style so you can feel confident and sexy in your bra.

Bra Types: What are the Different Bra Types?

Here are a few of the bra styles that you might consider and the breast shapes that they’re often the best fit for. Remember, finding a great bra that makes you feel great is about a combination of factors. Of course, this includes size and shape, but it must also be something you feel looks good and gives you the confidence you need to feel empowered.

Red Push Up Bra

Push Up

A push up bra is a favourite of women with many different breast shapes. The ability of the bra to push the bust up towards the centre of the chest can help to create great cleavage. These bras can offer support for women with larger breasts and help give shape and cleavage for women with a smaller bust.

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White Plunge Bra


Plunge bras offer all the cleavage of a push up bra without any additional uplift. This means that the breasts sit lower and are pushed together to create a cleavage. A plunge bra is ideal if you have larger breasts that sit lower or are more side set (naturally sit to the side).

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White Balcony Bra


A balcony bra is an alternative to a full cup bra. They are often a better fit for women with smaller breasts as they are less likely to spill over, however they can gape if your breasts lack volume at the top.

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White Underwire Bra


An underwire bra will help to lift, shape, and separate your breasts, providing plenty of support. Women with smaller breasts can probably wear a bra that isn’t underwired, but it’s a must for women with a fuller bust. It can boost your cleavage and leave you looking and feeling great – all day, every day!

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Red rose lace longline bra


Longline bras typically have more material around the band. These can be a great look for all shapes and sizes, so they’re a perfect bra for anyone looking for extra comfort and a sleek silhouette. They’re especially good for women with bigger breasts as they add just a little extra support under the cups.

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Ok, so you’re probably not considering a peephole bra for everyday use, but a peephole bra is a great option to have in every lingerie drawer for those raunchy nights in. Even though they’re mainly for fun, you still need to make sure the fit is right. Quick and easy access to your nipples – what more could you want…

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White Strapless


Multiway bras are essential for any woman's wardrobe. They have multiple straps designed for maximum versatility. Convenient, right? You can switch and re-attach the straps to suit your preference, and you'll still stay in place and get full support from day to night.

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What Bra Type Should I Wear?

There are several common questions that people may ask when trying to find a bra and these are often based around size. For instance, “what type of bra is best for large breasts?” or “what’s the best style of bra for small breasts?” However, the answer to these questions doesn’t always relate totally to size but more so the shape of your breasts.

Of course, choosing the right type and style of bra relies on several factors. One of the most important factors is the shape of your breasts. We all have different shaped breasts and there’s no good or bad, right or wrong; they’re all beautiful. We’ve grouped all those different shapes into a few similar areas, pairing them with the right type of bra for the best support.


Round breast shape

Round breasts are equally full at both the top and bottom. Finding something to shape and support this breast shape isn’t as important, meaning you’re pretty much free to choose any style of bra. We’d suggest something without much padding or an underwire as you won’t need these features.

East West

East West breast shape

This breast shape means that your breasts point towards the outside of your chest – hence the name East West. This fact will likely mean that there is a gap between your breasts. If you’re not a fan of this look and want to bring your breast together to create a cleavage, this can easily be achieved by wearing a t-shirt bra.

Side Set

Side Set breast shape

Not to be confused with East West, Side Set breasts are often a little fuller with a larger gap between the breasts. For this breast shape, a plunge bra can do a great job of pushing your breasts together to create an amazing cleavage.


Teardrop breast shape

Teardrop shaped breasts tend to be much fuller at the bottom and slenderer at the top, creating a classic teardrop shape. Much like round breasts, you can wear most types of bra with this breast shape. A balcony bra will really help show them off though!


Slender breast shape

Slender breasts are often a slightly smaller sized breast that are longer than they are wide and go from thin at the top to fuller at the bottom. The nipples will usually be pointing downwards. A padded plunge bra is a great option for slender breasts.


Bell-Shaped breast shape

Bell-Shaped breasts are similar to slender breasts but slightly larger. They still go from slender to fuller further down the breast and, as a result, will require a supportive bra. An underwire bra would be a good choice here to guarantee the support you need for this shape.


Asymmetrical breast shape

Most women will have one breast bigger than the other, but for some the difference is more prominent than others. If the difference is less than a cup size, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice, and you should find a bra that fits the larger breast. Whether push up, or any other style depending on your shape, a stretchy lace could be a good choice.

Finding the Right Bra Type and Size for the Perfect Fit

Finding the right bra for you takes a little more effort than just picking something you like off the rail. However, putting in that extra time to work out which bra is right for you can have so many benefits. A bra that fits your size and shape properly can make you feel good, not just because you’ll have the right support but it’ll help give you the confidence to be at your best!

When you’re buying a new bra, try and remember the following equation to help you ensure you get it right:

Measure Your Size


Work Out Your Breast Shape


Find the Right Style


A Great Fitting Bra

If you’re still unsure of what size bra you should be choosing, you can use our Bra Fitting Guide to help you measure yourself up at home and find out for yourself. You may find that your size differs slightly in different styles of bra, just make sure you’re always aware of the common fitting problems highlighted in our fitting guide and you can adjust accordingly.

Get ready to say goodbye to those badly fitting bras!

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