10 Ways Lube will Transform your Sex Life

Want to improve your sex life? Just add lube. Wrongly associated as a problem solver rather than a sexual enhancer, lubricant is massively underrated. The most common misconceptions are that it’s only for anal sex or vaginal dryness. Total bull – We even have a guide for which lube is best for each kind of sex! Whilst it is fabulous for all those things, lube significantly improves sex for absolutely EVERYONE!

With formulas specifically blended to increase libido and heighten sensation from tingly to tasty and cooling to intensifying, Ann Summers really does have a lube for every mood. Our Senior Buyer reveals the top 10 ways using lube will transform your sex life. We promise you, they’re far from dry.


Coat your lips to give him or her out of this world oral. The golden rule with oral is the wetter the better, so the added lubrication will significantly enhance sensations for them and improve your technique instantly. Use one of our delicious, edible lubes and focus your attention on the clitoris or head of the shaft.

We’ve got great taste. Try the fabulously fruity Flavored Lube Set or any of our edible singles in candy floss, strawberry, cherry or passion fruit. Yum.


Use a dollop of our gloriously thick Booty Lube on your fingers to start any back door play. You don’t have to go in, just a little bit of pressure and some circular strokes work wonders on the thousands of nerve endings in this area. If you’re going all the way, this lube is specifically blended with cooling and relaxing ingredients to make it a pleasure packed ride.

Booty Lube is the ultimate anal lubricant which has been designed to relax and stimulate.


Squeeze a dollop out onto your palms and go to town on his man hood – twisting your hand as you move up towards the head of his penis. Use your other hand to slide over and stimulate his balls, using your index finger to stroke his perineum (the space between the balls and the anus). This slippery sensation will have his head spinning and is the best way to do a job men usually do better themselves.

Send you palms slipping with the super thick, Silicone Gel. This lube will last, even if he can’t.


Think condoms decrease sensitivity? Stay safe and get intense satisfaction. Pop a few drops into a condom for increased sensitivity during sex.

All our lubes are condom safe but Strip Bare is great for a super sensual, close to skin feeling. 


Temperature lubes are incredible on sensitive nipples. Use a warming or cooling lube to heighten arousal and roll between thumb and forefinger for a grown up nipple tweak that feels oh-so-good.

Turn up the temp or play it cool – you’re guaranteed a good time with the Heat Warming Lube and the Cool Tingle Lube

6. 2-IN-1 FUN

Use a 2in1 massage oil lube so you can start with an erotic massage to build up the sexual tension. Then when you can take no more, you’re lubed and ready to slide and ride. Thank us later.

Add just a drop of the amazingly thick, dual use Durex 2 in 1 Sensual Lotion and get hands on.


Every vibe’s best friend. Lube plus vibrations equals a one way trip to multiple orgasms. It adds so much more feeling and enables you to slide your toy over all the nerve-packed areas and comfortably push the toy harder against you where you want those vibrations most.

Our liquid satin is perfect for use with sex toys and gentle on your skin.


Lube up your boobs. Squeeze on a few drops (not too much or you’ll lose your grip) and get your man to straddle you. Push your boobs together as he thrusts away between them. You can even add in a cheeky tip lick if you’re feeling generous!

Use super silky, Liquid Satin. Gentle on skin and luxuriously slippery, this lube is the perfect partner for your pair.


Stimulant gels are stronger, targeted formulations for specific areas. We have gels designed to enhance G spot, Stamina, Nipple and Orgasm sensation. These are topical applications that will make that specific area more prominent, sensitive and increase responsiveness. You only need a pea sized amount so apply a stimulant gel then add lube for slip.

Feel the difference and try G-Spot Gel, Pleasure Gel or Orgasm Gel with your lube. Game changer.


Squeeze and freeze your favourite lube in an ice cube tray – yes really! Tie your lover’s hands with soft restraints and add a blindfold – senses become heightened when another is taken away. Enjoy taking control and watch how their body responds as you slide the ice cubes all over their body, as the coldness will increase skin sensitivity. For a whole new experience, simply slip a cube inside and let it melt for deep, lubricated sex sessions.

Dominate with temperature play and explore soft bondage to get kinky and spice up foreplay.

Because spit does not equal lube. Seriously.

Love Team AS x