Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship

This is the perfect time to put the spark back into your relationship. This weekend, get ready to keep each other warm and set off fireworks in the bedroom…we love a good bang.

Both physically and emotionally, every relationship requires effort. Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is just as important as making the most of all of the time you spend together outside of it. Whether your relationship has started to feel a little lack lustre, or the honeymoon phase seems like a distant memory, these sex and relationship tips will help you spice up your sex life and make you feel closer than ever. If Ann Summers knows anything, it’s how to ignite the spark; but it’s up to you to keep it burning bright.


1. Create a f**k it list

You have a sexual routine now; same time, same place, same positions – you need to mix things up! Whether you’ve been together for months or years, it’s easy to get stuck in a sexual rut. Ticking the boxes of what does it for one and other without experimenting or mixing things up. Don’t let your sex life get stale, put on your own fireworks display and create a f**k it list together. Sex releases oxytocin, ‘the love hormone’, so not only does it relieve stress, pain and boost immunity, it also works to bring you closer together again. More sex, less stress – thank us later.

2. Use lube

If your sex life has become dry, (in a purely proverbial sense) then lube is the answer. This simple tip is something that you’ll hear again and again by us here at Ann Summers, because it really is a sex game changer. The ultimate libido booster and pleasure multiplier. Freeze it, taste it and put it wherever you please. Just one handy bottle can improve your sex life tenfold and have you feeling like a blow job, hand job and tit wank queen. Get slippery and experiment with sensation lubes for added tingle and intensity. Focus on foreplay, build the tension and your arousal with lots of lube and explore each other’s slick bodies with your hands and tongue. Hold off until you NEED to have them, then enjoy one incredible climax.

3. Role play

So you’ve been together years, your loyalty unwavering, but the thought of being thrown over the shoulder of a hunky fireman really does it for you. Everyone is allowed fantasies and role play is the perfect way to explore new realms of pleasure whilst in a relationship. Talk dirty, use a realistic sex toy for a threesome vibe or choose a uniform and turn your favourite porn plot into reality. Whether it’s a sexual scenario or dress up, once you’ve opened up that line of conversation the possibilities are endless.

4. Bondage

This one isn’t just for the hardcore honeys amongst us, BDSM and bondage doesn’t have to be about pain. Mixing up the power dynamic in the relationship is a kinky way to keep things fresh. One of biggest parts of bondage is trust – you’re leaning back and trusting your partner to catch you, but with BDSM you’re tied up and trusting them to pleasure you. This win, win situation hots up your love life and in turn strengthens your relationship. Introduce handcuffs, soft ties or floggers to your bedroom this bonfire night and find out just how hot things can get.

5. Aim to please

Sex is a two way street. If you know your partner is a fan or oral, learn some new techniques and surprise them. We have guides on all you need to know, so take blowjob tips from our guideor check out our oral sex guide to find out what women really want. Buy a couples sex toy for date night and come together in a whole new way. We’re here to make sure that you do it with confidence and always do it well.


1. Make time

Unfortunately, time makes us all complacent and after spending a chunk of your life with your partner, it’s easy to take them for granted. Setting aside a designated date night ensures that you don’t get stuck in the monotony of box sets and slow sex, no matter how comfortable that may be. There is a certain pleasure in knowing that your partner still adores you, make up free and slobbing out, but comfort breeds contempt. Get dressed up and make the time to reconnect. Enjoy occasional dinners out and deep conversations that aren’t interrupted by children, your phone or the TV. Spend time one-on-one without technology and remind yourselves of the little quirks and rubbish jokes you fell for in the first place.

2. Be affectionate

It may be second nature to kiss hello or cuddle in bed, but small, ongoing displays of affection reinforce interest and keep you both feeling loved. Simple gestures like holding hands or touching their thigh during dinner maintains the flirtatious behaviour from the early days of your relationship. Trigger the release of those feel-good hormones and never let them crave or miss your attention.

3. Send cute and kinky texts

Communication is a key part in any relationship. Sending loving (or dirty) texts throughout the day means that you communicate emotion and desires. Send naughty messages to your partner and tell them what you want to do to them when you get home. Tell them they’re loved and have conversations about something more than your rubbish day at work. Keep things fresh – forget love letters, get soppy and sexy on SMS.