The Ultimate Guide to Morning Sex

The morning, the myth, the legend – is morning sex really all it’s cut out to be? Early morning sex is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. So, whether you’re an earlier riser or completely new to the idea, we’ve got you covered as we answer some of your most-asked questions in our ultimate guide to having sex in the morning.

What is the science behind morning sex?

Sex first thing in the morning wakes your body up and can give you almost as much energy as a shot of espresso (especially if you orgasm!). It also helps your body produce the sex hormones oxytocin and dopamine, which in turn boosts your mood and overall desire for sex. An uplift in your mood early in the morning can give you more energy and lead to a more productive day – sounds like a dream, right?

What are the benefits of early morning sex?

We all know sex is a great way to squeeze in some cardio and get the heart racing, but it might come as a surprise that early morning sex is actually linked to a variety of health benefits. A quickie first thing in the morning can not only give your body the wake-up call it needs but has been known to have a positive impact on a range of health factors:

  • Boost your immune system.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Increase sex drive.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduce the risk of disease.
  • Boost your mood.

So, if you needed a reason to give it a go, these sure are a good starting point!

Why does early morning sex feel so good?

Sex feels good no matter what time of the day, but sex in the morning can take you to a whole new level. Testosterone levels are commonly higher in the morning for both men and women (which helps to explain the phenomenon of morning glory), this means that sexual desire is at its peak, making it easier for both individuals to become aroused. Whether it’s lazy morning sex or spontaneous play before working your 9 – 5, you will feel a burst of energy and happy hormones to help you start your day right.

The Best Morning Sex Positions

It’s understandable that you might not want to be throwing one another around the bedroom at the crack of dawn, so we’ve pulled together some of the most simple, yet orgasmic positions for you to try first thing in the morning.


Oh, we love a good spoon! Spooning is perfect for good morning sex. When you’re both waking up in a cuddling position and your bodies are close, it is easy to slowly slip into a cheeky spoon and comfortably have some saucy morning fun.

Reverse Cowgirl

A great position for some spontaneous Sunday morning sex. If you want to take it slow first thing in the morning, hopping into the reverse cowgirl position not only gives you both what you want but also feels great at a slow pace. If you’re worried about morning breath or being face-to-face when you’ve just woken up, the reverse cowgirl solves all those problems!

Oral sex

Whilst it’s not a sex position, we had to feature it. Oral sex is one of the best and most satisfying ways to say ‘good morning’ to your partner! This will certainly give both of your happy hormones a boost and ramp up your sex life, why not add oral sex into your morning shower routine or introduce a toy such as a bullet vibrator to spice things up?

Discover our sex position guides for more inspo!

Is morning breath a turn-off?

As much as we love sex, morning breath can be a confidence knocker when initiating or having good morning sex with your partner when you first wake up. But it has an easy fix! If you don’t want to ruin the moment by getting up to brush your teeth, you could consider storing a pack of chewing gum or fresh mints on the bedside table for a quick go-to. You and your partner could also play a kinky game where kissing is forbidden and you can only touch one another or give oral sex. Ultimately, morning breath really doesn’t need to be that much of a big deal – especially when you both have it!

Why do I not enjoy morning sex?

So, is morning sex all it’s cracked up to be? Whilst it is linked to many health and lifestyle benefits, realistically morning sex isn’t great for everyone. Couples that have hectic mornings, running errands and preparing for a working day, may find morning sex less appealing, especially when you throw kids into the mix. If they are under stress this lowers testosterone levels and impacts their desire to have sex. It’s all about what works best for you and your partner, but the key is to communicate! If stress and lack of time are impacting your sex lives, it’s best to discuss this with your partner and schedule quality or intimate time to keep those sexy flames burning.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’re feeling empowered to try some spontaneous morning sex with your partner or to add some sexy time into your busy schedule to get intimate with one another. Whether you’re a lover or hater of sex in the morning, we can all appreciate some bedtime play any time of the day! Explore our guide of 6 easy ways to make sex better to add some extra spice.