Men’s guide to buying sexy lingerie

Get her the perfect gift with a little help from our lingerie experts

Men’s guide to buying sexy lingerie

Okay, guys. We get it. Gifts are hard enough. A minefield of expectation and disappointment. Lingerie doubly so. Get it right and you're a winner. Get it wrong, and it's a disaster. But it's worth the risk - 65% of women say lingerie is one of the best gifts to receive from a lover, so forget the bath bombs and choose something endlessly sexier...

You'd think it'd be as simple as picking something you think she'd look hot in, and getting it in sort-of the right size, but there's a little more to it than that. Fortunately, we've put together this great guide to help you buy lingerie. Trust Ann Summers - we've got you covered.

Top Tip:
Okay, before we get down into the ins and outs of cup sizes and so on, there's one really important things you need to remember. Have this at the back of your mind the entire time: It's for her more than you.

Yes. It's a gift for your eyes. She's gonna look fierce. All those fantasies are coming to life, you lucky thing, you. But you're buying it for her, not for you. Get something that she'll like, not something you want to see her in regardless of how hard it clashes with her body/inhibitions/personal brand.

Shop right

Right, let's get down to it. It's not actually as complicated as it might seem – you just have to do a little research.

Watch this video from our resident lingerie expert, with her 4 steps to the perfect present you’re sure to get it right.

1. Size matters

Time for a quick rummage in her lingerie drawer. Just don't get caught. Gathering things up for laundry day is a convenient cover for some espionage. Just check the labels in the things that fit her right - avoid the labels of anything she complains about. Make a note of the following things:

  • Bra size It'll be a combination of a number and a letter or two - 30B, 32C, 34DD, 40F, onwards in that fashion. The number is the chest measurement and the letters are the cup size, so make sure you nail it for both. If she's a 34C, neither a 32C nor a 34D will do.
  • Knickers size Bit easier – 8, 10, 12, etc. Same as clothes. Keep an eye out for S/M/L measurements too though - S usually covers size 8-10, M is 12-14, and L is 16-18.
  • Clothes size Same as above, but remember that she might wear different sizes on her top and bottom half.
Find out her bra size, knicker size and clothing size

2. Know your styles

We have more in-depth guides to lingerie styles, which you can find here, but you're a busy man, so we'll give you a quick rundown of the more complicated options:

  • Babydolls are your more dress-style options. Floaty and feminine. Delicate and teasing.
  • Cami sets are made up of a top and shorts. Relaxed and playful.
  • Corsets are structured bodies that shape the waist.
  • Basques are similar, but without the boning underneath. Classic and elegant.
  • Cami suspenders are like slightly longer basques, but with suspenders attached.
  • Waspies are like cami suspenders or basques, but without the top half. Keeping up?
  • Bodystockings are full-length bodies that cling to every curve. Sensual and adventurous.
  • Remember the difference between stockings and hold-ups. Hold-ups will stay up on their own. Big surprise there. Stockings will need suspenders, though.
Educate yourself on the different styles of lingerie she likes

3. Colours and fabrics

Yes, there are more decisions to be made. Just think – it's gonna be worth it. When she's unwrapped her gift, you get to unwrap her. Everyone's a winner.

You should know her favourite colours, so think of the ones you love to see her wear. Same goes for the fabrics – if she wears a lot of lace, for example, you know you're onto a winner. Satin and lace are both great choices for a simple, yet seductive look and our collections incorporate both in a whole manner or ways.

For everyday lingerie, simple colours and materials work well – these pieces are designed to not be noticeable under clothing so are often monotone and less fussy than many of our pieces intended for the bedroom.

Ease her out of her comfort zone on styles, by all means, but play it a bit safer here.

Make sure you know what colours and fabrics she likes on her lingerie

4. Know what she likes

Here's the tricky bit. Do you get her something similar to what she's already got? Or do you take the plunge and give her something new? No risk, no reward, as they say.

You can do a bit of digging. Stalk her Instagram or Pinterest favourites for some tips. There might be some style icons you can steal some inspiration from. Does she ever drop hints about styles she'd like to try? Maybe she's never had the confidence to buy something for herself. Push her in the right direction and prepare to reap the benefits.

You’re all set in terms of colour, fabrics and styles so we’re confident that you’re going for gold. Just double check that your picks are in line with her personality and taste; you know better than anyone the kinds of things she likes, wears and talks about, just use a little detective work and lingerie is a failsafe choice.

Know what lingerie she likes

5. Embrace the return policy safety net

Needed a bigger size, or a change of colour? We’re happy to help you to get it right, with our Returns Policy you have peace of mind of being able to return or exchange your gift if it didn’t quite hit the mark

Time to play...

Hopefully you're now feeling educated & excited. Now it's time to find something that really hits the spot...

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