Wooden dolls in missionary position

I can only climax in certain positions!

When we gathered your questions on sex, we wanted to get you the best answers. So we teamed up with qualified Sex and Relationship Therapist, Jodie Slee, to reply to your top orgasm questions…

“I only orgasm on top – is that normal?”

“Is it normal to only be able to orgasm on top? I get too scared to try other toys. Any tips?”

“I can only orgasm with my legs closed, why is this?”

Jodie Says:

“Penetrative sex is one of the least reliable ways for a woman to orgasm”

“When it comes to sex with a partner, it’s not as straightforward as you might like it to be. We know that only 65% of women ‘usually or always’ orgasm from sex, compared to 95% of men. However certain positions do work better than others to get the clitoral stimulation a lot of women need to orgasm.

“Orgasming on top is very common because it provides easy stimulation of the clitoris (normally by grinding on your partner’s torso). This can be achieved by adding a toy or a hand to other sexual positions. Other positions that allow clitoral stimulation include reverse cowgirl, missionary with one leg on his shoulder (splitting bamboo). Try introducing your (or their) hands or a toy into the mix, such as a clit stim.

“If you ever want to expand your repertoire, give yourself time, relax, and try something new, perhaps on your own. It may take longer but that’s ok – just enjoy the exploration and don’t put pressure on yourself to climax. And have a read of our guide to female masturbation for more tips."