Sex Position: Splitting Bamboo

Need a little more stimulation to tip you over the edge? Try Splitting Bamboo.

Splitting Bamboo provides both clitoral and internal stimulation for you and a fantastic view for your partner.

This position requires a little effort for maximum reward.

Lay back and have your partner straddle one of your legs, placing the other over their shoulder. This angle allows you to press and rub your clitoris on your lover’s leg whilst they are inside you. Make small, circling motions with your hips to make the most of the clitoral contact during penetration. Encourage your partner to play with your nipples for added stimulation. Lube up for intercourse to make everything feel more intense, then have your partner use their lubed up fingers to rub your nipples, rolling them between their fingers and tweaking them slightly. Using the Core Pleasure Lubes makes the possibilities for pleasure endless. Explore with Cool Tingle lube; apply and gently blow on your nipples for an icy sensation.

If you wish to reciprocate the pleasure, lean forward and caress your lover’s scrotum.

The Splitting Bamboo position is perfect for communicating – with you and your partner facing each other you can more effectively express what feels great and what brings you closer to orgasm. Facial expressions may be enough to direct your partner but you can up the ante considerably with a little dirty talk.  Looking into your partners eyes, tell them exactly what it is that you’re enjoying, or how to make it more satisfying  – the more descriptive the better.