Beginners Guide to Anal Toys

Before we delve into the best anal sex toys, time for a quick biology lesson: the bum has one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings on the entire body. No, really, it does – for both men and women. Whether you're a couple looking to mix it up in the bedroom, or you're just curious about exploring solo, we’ve got the goods and the know on how to get fruity with your booty.

The first golden rule: lube up. We can't stress this enough, people. It'll make things much more comfortable, pleasurable, and will avoid the discomfort that most people fear when considering back door play. For a unique blend of minty, cooling and relaxing ingredients, specifically developed for anal sex, try our Booty Relax Anal Lube.

Gentle Introduction ot Anal

If you're curious about anal play or how to use anal toys but aren't sure whether it's for you – let alone which anal toys to start with – then our advice is to start small and slow, with a beginner’s anal toy. Lube up and gently insert as far as you feel comfortable with. Try this when you're fully relaxed and aroused or, if you’re with a partner, during foreplay. As you get used to it, use two fingers and so on. As you’re in control, this is the perfect way to ease into things.

The best toys for anal

Butt plugs

A go-to for beginner anal toys, butt plugs can be used to relax your muscles before anal sex, but that's not all they're good for. Oh no. Butt plugs also create pressure on the back of the vagina for women, or on the prostate for men, making everything feel just that little more intense. Pulled out at the point of climax, these can be a real game changer. And let’s not forget that the male G-spot is up there too.

The plugs themselves are tapered for easier insertion, with a thinner end that allows them to sit comfortably, and a flared base to stop them getting stuck. Plugs are available in a whole load of sizes from the small to the large, and you can also find beginner butt plugs in our plug sets and anal training toys to help you work your way up. And if you’re looking for a vibrating anal toy, vibrating plugs are available too – that buzz will send you wild. Promise.

Anal beads

Another amazing anal sex toy for beginners, these anal beads, sometimes called love beads, start out small and go up in size gradually – but the gaps between the beads will give you a totally different sensation to the more solid butt plug. Much more flexible, too.

Anal beads, like butt plugs, make everything feel extra-intense – but the trick with these babies is in pulling them out. Trust us, time it right and pull them out just as you orgasm. You will not believe how good it feels.

Anal Dildos

Plugs and beads are made to stay in place, but anal dildos are all about the thrusting. They’re the ultimate tool for those looking to add little extra oomph to their anal orgasms and better for more experienced anal addicts, but there are plenty of beginner options too.

Pretty much any dildo can be used for anal play, but our anal dildo category has our picks for beginners. They look gorgeous and sleek in luxuriously soft silicone, with some curved ones that gently hit the prostate. Speaking of which…

Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers are the ideal anal toys for men, shaped perfectly to stimulate the prostate for the most incredible orgasms of your life. They're just a little more targeted than butt plugs – it's more about the shape than the size. With one of these vibrating prostate massagers, you’ll be able to hit that P-spot with precision and ease. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it fellas!


Okay, so the strap on is not just an anal toy. But using a strap-on for anal play is such a popular pastime that it has its own name – pegging.

Strap-ons dildos are a much-loved part of BDSM play, for the gender-swapping role-switching they can provide, but they can also have far more intimate applications for both straight and queer couples. Whatever way you want to play, they’re one of the best anal sex toys for couples.

There are loads to choose from, and for beginners, we'd recommend a beginner's Strap-On Dildo you'll find in our range. They come with a basic harness and a dildo that's small enough to ease you in, but big enough to hit all the right spots thanks to its prostate-targeting curve.

guide to anal toys - harness

You can also find interchangeable harnesses that will fit your favourite dildo, vibrating models, and altogether more lavish state-of-the-art harnesses in our strap-on section. Go explore.

Double Penetration

Double the fun. Double the pleasure - try some mixed doubles in the bedroom.

Your simplest option is the straightforward Double Penetrator Dildo.

To experience the full feeling of douple penetration, ask your partner to use a butt plug or dildo on you during doggy style. They'll get an incredible visual and enjoy the naughty factor of the anal toy extras, while you experience twice the pleasure and the turn on of breaking some taboos. Discover new sensations and find out what works for you. It’s all about trust. And lube.


One last thing. Want to make sure you're squeaky-clean before anal play? You might want to anal douche if you are to avoid unnecessary mess when engaging any back door activity. Anal douches from our anal sex essentials, fresh and ready to go. To douche, fill the big squeezy bulb with lukewarm water, get into a comfortable position on the toilet and then insert the shaft to clean up. Squeeze the water into your anus then push the water out and repeat until the water runs crystal clear. It may feel weird at first, but once you're used to the sensation it will help you feel fearless about getting frisky. Once you’re done anal douching, you’ll be ready for whatever naughty bum shenanigans you have planned!

So now you know the difference between a plug and pegging, head over to our anal toys section and start exploring. You can filter by the type of toy, the diameter, and the price to help you find the perfect anal toys for men and women. Lube up and get ready to explore a-hole new world!