Ann Summers' A-Z of Sex Toys

A-Z of Sex Toys

Are you ready to learn your sex toy ABCs? From anal toys to cock rings and Rampant Rabbits®, there’s a letter for every kind of pleasure. Whether you’re a sex toy apprentice, feeling adventurous or already well and truly addicted, explore our erotic alphabet and pick out the perfect props to spice up your sex life.

A is for Anal Toys

Anal toys are all about pleasure through pressure. Gently slide one up there, then let the intense sensations begin. Keep them in or pop them out on the point of climax for the most incredible orgasms. Find out more in our Beginner’s Guide to Anal Toys

B is for Bullets and Bondage

The perfect little bedroom buddy for sex toy beginners, bullet vibrators are small and discreet but oh so powerful. Bring yourself to climax during some solo play or buzz and tease your partner by working it over and into all the erogenous zones. Pick from a range of styles and get ready to pull the pleasure trigger.

Gags, whips, handcuffs and everything in between, bondage is all about bringing those dark fantasies to life. It can be as extreme as you’d like it to be, and is always a fun, intimate way to enjoy a pleasure rush with a partner. Then there’s the heightened sensations that come from being masked and teased. Never been tied up before and want to know where to start? Check out our A-Z of Bondage.

C is for Cock Rings

Cock rings are small but effective, and restrict blood flow back out of the penis, keeping him harder for longer. When the point of no return does arrive, the delay makes for a pretty intense climax. Add vibration for an extra buzz or double the thrill with inbuilt clit stimulation or butt plug. Learn more in our Beginner’s Guide to Cock Rings.

D is for Dildos

A classic sex toy, dildos are designed to bring intense, internal pleasure to solo or couple play. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, choose something realistic, or opt for a slick glass or metal design. Add vibration for an extra thrill or pick a strap-on or double-ender for twice the fun. Read our Beginner’s Guide to Dildos for more.

E is for electro sex

If you’re looking to create some shockwaves beneath the sheets, try electro sex. By sending current through your body to stimulate those deep nerve endings, it heightens your sensitivity and takes sexual pleasure to tingling new levels. Start low voltage and enjoy the hertz.

F is for Fleshlight

The world’s best-selling male sex toy, the fleshlight is basically a handheld pleasure hole (vagina, ass or mouth). Made from skin soft material, it offers an exciting, realistic experience perfect for solo play or some sex stamina training. Learn more in our comprehensive Fleshlight Guide.

G is for the G-spot

While some may say the G-spot is a myth, we’re firm believers. Located on the top wall of the vagina, when stimulated it can bring on powerful orgasms and even ejaculation. G-spot vibrators will certainly put any scepticism to rest. Available in a wide range of styles they’re sculpted to hit it head on. Read our G-spot guide for some hot tips.

H is for Harnesses

As an essential part of strap-on play, you’ll need a harness to hold your dildo in place. Available in both male, female and unisex versions, put it on, adjust to fit and let the fun begin. Depending on which one you choose, they also come with removable internal and anal attachments for the wearer’s pleasure.

I is for Inflatables

While often purchased for a bit of fun, inflatable dolls can actually deliver some unique, and unexpectedly stimulating solo play experiences. Go caricature with supersized lips and giant boobs or pick something more realistic. Then simply choose your hole, add some lube and enjoy unlimited pleasure and role play.

J is for Jelly

Well, jelly dildos and vibrators. Because they’re made from one of the cheapest materials around, they’re a great budget option. The soft, flexible rubber is not only oh so smooth to touch but can also be shaped and coloured for some fun and quirky play. Make sure to always use condoms with these babies to prevent any unwanted reactions.

K is for Kegel Balls

Otherwise known as jiggle or Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls are designed to stimulate the G-spot in a fun and secretive way. When inside they also work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for even stronger and more intense orgasms. Choose from vibrating, weighted, silicone or metal – whatever tickles your fancy.

L is for Love Eggs

Slip in a love egg and you’re in for some serious, secretive fun. These naughty little sex toys are silky smooth and shaped liked elongated ovals. They include a handy little remote control device so you can give yourself or your partner an unexpected pleasure buzz when you’re out and about. Some even come with added clit-stimulation.

S is for Sex Furniture

From simple wedges to sex swings, sliders and sexy curved chaises, sex furniture is designed to help provide you with some exciting new steamy session terrain. You can penetrate deeper, take things further and find new ways to bring yourselves to the edge. Some even come with restraints for some hot BDSM play.

T is for Temperature Play

Although not strictly a sex toy, temperature play is a great way to introduce new sensations beneath the sheets. By stimulating the skin using extremes of hot and cold, you can provoke those neuroreceptors and heighten your arousal. As well as ice cubes, try melted chocolate for something a little warmer.

U is for Underwear

And the panty vibes you can pop in them. Making your sexy underwear even more pleasurable, these vibrating bad boys can be controlled remotely by your lover for a secretive thrill. Similar to love eggs, they’re made from smooth, clit-loving materials and can bring you to orgasm anytime, anywhere.

V is for Vibrator

These thrill-giving sex toys are all about the buzz. Whether applied to the clit, shaft, internally or to some of the other erogenous zones, they can produce some intense sensations and truly mind-blowing orgasms. Vibrators are good to use solo, during foreplay or as part of sex. They come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to please.

W is for Wand

These erotic massagers are perfect for bringing some sexual magic to the bedroom. Use a wand all over the body to help soothe and calm those muscles or apply to the clit and you’ll be buzzing over the edge in no time. When inserted internally, the powerful vibrations and deep targeted reach deliver unparalleled orgasmic pleasure.

X is for XL

If you’re looking for some extreme satisfaction, large and XL dildos are the sex toy for you. With extra width and length all the way up 9 inches, they deliver a full-on penetration experience which hits deep and gives pleasure generously. Choose one that looks just like the real thing or pick a fun glass, metal or glitter finish. Hop on for the ride of your life.

Prefer real penis penetration but want that extra inch? A cock pump could become his secret weapon!

Y is for Yum

Yes, we’re talking those yummy edibles you can bring into bedroom – from flavoured lubes and massage oils to oh so lickable body paints. Drizzle them onto your partner during foreplay and set that tongue to work. Strawberry, vanilla, cookie dough, candy floss, you can choose a taste that does it for you.

Z is for Zip-up Bags

While not a sex toy, zip-up bags are the perfect place to keep your bedroom goodies when they’re not being played with. Buy one especially designed to serve that purpose or simply choose a small, easy to clean bag or purse that’s big enough to hold them. Pop it in your draw and no-one will suspect your naughty little secret.

So there you have it, your comprehensive A-Z of sex toys. Are you ready to start working your way through the alphabet of pleasure?

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