What is a Fleshlight?

The world of sex toys caters for women with a wide variety of toys, from G-spot vibrators to love eggs, but what about the men? Well, the Fleshlight may be the most well-known of all the male-oriented sex toys and with good reason. But what is a Fleshlight and what does a Fleshlight feel like?

At Ann Summers, we believe that everyone should have access to sexual bliss, whether they’re with a partner or alone. Here are a few things you need to know about Fleshlights, helping you engage in solo play that truly hits new levels.

What’s the Best Fleshlight for Me?

The Fleshlight is one of the most popular and best-selling male sex toys ever. Made from materials designed to mimic the feeling of real human sexual contact, these toys are specifically designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, so (unless they open it) any guests who stumble across your toy won’t think anything of it.

There are numerous factors to be considered when you’re picking the ideal Fleshlight for you. Here are a few that you might want to consider before making your first Fleshlight purchase:

Explore the Feels

A Fleshlight is much more than just a sleeve for solo penetration, there are all kinds of different textures, shapes and levels of tightness available. From ultra-realistic feeling vagina designs to toys that don’t have the aesthetic look but keep the feel, there are plenty of options available.

Pick Your Vibe

Just like most sex toys, there are a lot of different options available, ranging from basic through to vibrating. If you do fancy adding an extra element to your solo play, a vibrating Fleshlight will send intense vibrations through your penis, making the whole experience just that little more exciting!

Get Lubed Up

Whilst a Fleshlight may be designed to mimic a vagina in terms of its look and feel, it obviously can’t produce the natural lubrication that a woman can, so you’ll need a little help to get things sliding along nicely. Trust us, it won’t be a pleasant experience if you don’t do this. Make sure you use a water-based lube to prevent damage to your toy.

Looking to last Longer

One type of Fleshlight is known as a stamina trainer and, thanks to large pillow-like bumps on the inside, provides an even more intense sensation on your penis. This extra sensation is designed to help you practice lasting longer, so when it comes to intercourse, you’re fully trained.

What does a Fleshlight feel like?

A Fleshlight is designed to feel like the real thing, and many are designed to look the same. The material has the real-life softness of human skin, and the opening is designed to replicate a real vagina, but does how does a Fleshlight feel once you start using it?

Fleshlights have a series of nodules and ridges inside the sleeve (that’s the soft silicone part that fits in the case) which are all designed to stimulate the nerve endings in the penis and mimic the feeling inside a vagina.

Some people like to warm their Fleshlight up a little, especially once they’ve added lube, to make it even more comfortable to slide inside and enjoy. Just make sure you don’t warm it too much – nobody wants to explain those third-degree burns in A&E!

How to use a Fleshlight

Using a Fleshlight seems pretty straightforward, right? Just stick it in and hope for the best! Well, not quite. From warming it up to making sure your Fleshlight is nicely lubed up and set for action, there are a few steps to follow:

number 1

Remove the gel insert and either run the warm tap or fill a sink with hot water.

number 2

Wait for your perfect temperature. Do you prefer to keep things cool or love it when things heat up? Use the water to heat the gel insert to your ideal temperature.

number 3

Get wet. Everything’s better with lube and the Fleshlight is no exception. Avoid silicone and oil-based lubes as these can damage the Super Skin material.

number 4

Don’t forget to lube yourself. The more lube, the better.

number 5

Assume your favourite position and thrust away!

number 6

Once you’ve had time to recover, simply remove the gel insert and clean ready for next time.

Fleshlights are great for solo play but can also come in handy for a different twist on foreplay with a partner. Just have fun with it and see where it leads you!

How to clean a Fleshlight

We recommend keeping all sex toys clean and fresh, for hygiene as much as anything else. With a Fleshlight, you’ll want to make sure it gets a good thorough clean after each use. This will mean your toy lasts much longer and you can avoid any nasty unhygienic issues. Here are a few tips on how to clean a Fleshlight:

  • Remove the silicone sleeve from the case and give it a thorough wash in warm water – you can use Fleshlight Wash to make sure you’ve done a thorough job.
  • Once you’re sure it’s completely clean and there are no fluids left inside it, give it a good rinse through to get rid of any wash.
  • Leave the sleeve to properly dry before reinserting it.

When you’re cleaning your Fleshlight, make sure you’re either using just water or Fleshlight Wash. Soap, sanitiser and other cleaners can damage the soft silicone and damage your toy.

After a little use, you may find that your Fleshlight begins to lose some of its softness, if this starts to happen, just sprinkle a little Fleshlight Renewing Powder to freshen things back up and keep it feeling like new.

Fleshlights have been the number one male sex toy for a long time now and it’s with good reason! They can help you take solo play to amazing new levels, whilst also helping you with those all-important sexual workouts to improve stamina. Just lube it up and have fun!

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