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Want to buy her something you know she’ll love (and let’s be honest, you’re going to have a lot of fun with too…)? We’ve got just the thing. Lingerie she’ll feel (and look) amazing in, toys to keep her company when you’re not there (and are even more fun when you are) and gift sets that remind her she deserves to feel the goddess she really is… Step this way fellas, whatever kind of night you’ve got planned, we’ve got you.

Long Distance Love

So you can’t actually be together, but who says that means the fun has to stop there? This gift list will make your Zoom/ FaceTime/ photo sessions the most thrilling long distance date either of you have ever had.

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Romantic Night In

Rose petals and red lingerie, let’s pull out all the stops and give her a night she’ll never forget.

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Sweep her off her feet

Here’s a little tip for you, she’s probably watched Bridgerton at least three times by now, she’s definitely in the mood for romance, so let’s step into a softer world – we’re talking lace lingerie, soft toys, candles - and ramp up the romantic role play. Trust us, you’ll feel the benefit too.

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Time for Something Different

With every day feeling a little bit too much like the last, now is the perfect time to switch things up a little and experiment with something you’ve never tried before. Consider this list your perfect starter pack for a little break from the norm (NB: this list definitely contains bondage gear and that is a very good thing).

The Collection

Take her to Hardcore heaven

Well, well, well, hello there Mr Hardcore, what a treat it is to meet you. Think you’ve seen it all? Nah, not til you’ve stepped foot inside this list of treats… Follow us for your wildest adventure yet.

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Lost in Lingerie? Drowning in Dildos?

Maybe a gift card might be your best option!

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