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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Charlie Brooks – actress, entrepreneur and woman on a mission to make all of our experiences of sex as mind-blowing as possible with The U Brand, her self love stimulator, made to help you discover the wonder within U.  

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What is the U?

The U is a self-love stimulator like no other!

What makes The U different to other fem tech products?

A unique patent pending design that’s shaped to cradle not penetrate. Featuring unique technology that surrounds the clitoris with deep ripples of vibration. The arms of The U contain powerful motors that vibrate against your vulva and stimulate the inner clitoris targeting specific areas of sensitivity to layer pleasure and build an intense experience.

Who can use the U?

The unique shape of the U is designed to stimulate vulva and clitoris owning individuals.

How do I clean the U?

It is always important to clean your toys correctly. As part of the U range, we offer a Cleansing Mist, which is formulated to keep your self-love stimulator fresh and ready for use.

Is the U battery operated?

No, The U is rechargeable, this gives the self-love stimulator more power and stronger vibrations.

Does the U come with a charging cable?

It does, a gorgeous teal coloured charger comes in the printed cotton bag that accompanies The U. We chose the colour so it is easy to identify amongst all your cables when you need to power up your product.

Is the U noisy?

The U isn’t loud but it’s also not silent. We have 3 super strong tungsten motors within The U which when vibrating on full power are audible but won’t interrupt your pleasure.