The fusion Couples Vibe

How to use the couples vibrator

You’ve probably never seen a vibrator like this before, but we promise you won’t forget it once you’ve tried it!

Welcome to the Fusion Range designed to let you take control. Here are our tips to get started, but don’t let that stop you finding your own unique ways to use it!

The Couples Vibrator from the Fusion collection is one of the best sex toys for couples, featuring flexibility like no other and the ability to bend in any number of ways to use all over your (or your partners) body. We have put together our tips to help you get started, but don’t let that stop you finding your own unique ways to use it! a Cock Ring

Bend the arms of the toy around the penis (and balls if you want), crossing the arms over each other if you want, to send your choice of 10 vibration settings exactly where you want them. Having the base of the toy against the balls gives one set of sensations, or try on the top to add clitoral stimulation during sex.

…as a classic vibrator

Bend the arms closer together to insert into the vagina, enjoying the sensation against the opening and using the shape of the arms to stimulate the G spot.

…as a bullet

The vibrations feel incredible against the clitoris, and the tips of the arms can be used either side of the clitoris or above and beneath it, use one arm alone – or hold the base of the toy against it for more direct stimulation. Remember there are 10 vibration settings so discover the best level for you, or build up to the perfect crescendo.

…all over both your bodies

Use your imagination – this toy feels good anywhere vibrations feel good! Use it to explore your own and your partner’s body, take turns finding new places it feels good and trying the 10 vibration settings to experience new levels of pleasure and excitement. Explore nipples, the base of the penis, the frenulum (just under the head of the penis – you’re welcome), inside the thighs, perineum… even adding a blindfold into the mix to add the element of surprise – though remember to discuss what’s ok and what’s not before you start of course.

...during sex

This toy is one of the best sex toys for during sex and can be used in any number of positions, but here are a couple of our favourites to get started!

The woman has her legs on the man shoulders, the vibrator sits between them.

The Deck Chair

  • Start in the missionary position with the vibrator wrapped around the penis (crossing over the vibrators arms if that feels comfortable).
  • Have the base of the toy against the front of the balls.
  • Her legs go over his shoulders to support his weight, with his arms either side of her body.
The vibrations from the base of the toy will be felt around her vagina and perineum, right round to the arms of the toy sitting against her clitoris. For him, those vibrations will be felt against his balls, adding new sensations for both of you.

The woman straddles the man whilst the vibrator sits between them.

The Cowgirl

  • Start by wrapping the vibrator round the penis and balls
  • Have the base of the vibrator underneath the balls and against the perineum.
  • The girl climbs on top into a cowgirl position as he enters her.
She feels the vibrations against her clitoris, while he experiences them against his balls and perineum. Tailor the levels of vibrations to find the right balance of intensity for you both so you enjoy the ride…

And, if that’s not enough, you can…

  • Bend the arms apart and use one arm internally, then the other against the clitoris
  • Use one arm or both to tease the anus
  • Place gently around your neck during oral sex and let the vibrations travel through your mouth for added sensation
  • Place against the top of the shaft of the penis, or underneath it
  • Hold against the scrotum during oral or foreplay… or sex!
  • Insert inside next to the penis during sex, in any position
  • Use for clitoral stimulation during sex, using either the arms or the base for varying intensity

…and that’s just a few ideas to get you started – where will your imagination take you?