How to Squirt

How to Squirt

Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is something we’ve all heard of but is an area still surrounded by mystique. Is it a genuine way that our bodies react to pleasure or is it a myth invented by porn to provide a ‘Hollywood’ ending? Either way, squirting is something that many of us have a lot of questions about. It can leave us feeling pressure to perform, wanting to please our partner and meet unrealistic or even non-existent expectations. Alternatively, it might surprise you with a new and unexpected bodily function.

We feel it’s important to break down some of the myths around female ejaculation and help set the record straight. To help you out with some of these questions, here’s everything you need to know about female ejaculation or ‘squirting’.

What is squirting?

“Squirting” is the release of fluid from the vulva near the point of orgasm. But if you look around and you’ll find many different views on what female ejaculation really is. Some say that the fluid comes from the Skene glands, which are located on the upper wall of the vagina. It’s possible that not all women have Skene glands, meaning only a certain few would be able to squirt. There’s also research to suggest that squirting could be an involuntary release of the bladder caused by orgasm. To sum it up, there isn’t a definitive scientific answer to what makes squirting happen!

Squirting is often seen as the epitome of the female orgasm. Most people think it only happens when you reach mind-blowing orgasmic heights, and it means that either you or your partner have done an incredible job in bed. But this isn’t entirely true. Porn has built this myth and it’s made squirting seem pretty unattainable, but here’s the shocker – porn isn’t telling you the whole truth!

Can all women squirt?

Can all women squirt?

No, not all women can squirt and it’s important to remember that fact! You should never feel bad or inferior for not ejaculating during intercourse, whether your partner sees it as a badge of honour or not.

In truth, it’s fairly common for the average woman to produce some form of ejaculate during intercourse. This comes in the form of a small amount of milky fluid that comes before or during climax, however, it’s unlikely that this will ‘squirt’ out at any speed. In short, if you’re not squirting large amounts of fluid, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

Every woman’s body is different, so where some of us may find we secrete quite a lot of ejaculate during sex, others may produce nothing. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad.

How to squirt

Focusing on squirting as the main goal during sex should be avoided. There’s no science around how to squirt and focusing too intently on making it happen could lead to you losing complete focus on what you’re actually doing and ultimately making sex less enjoyable – nobody wants that!

Just try to relax and enjoy yourself. This will make a big difference when it comes to experiencing maximum pleasure in the bedroom. There are some things you can do to help and, who knows, it might even result in you squirting!

Understand your body

Masturbation is the perfect way to set some time aside to learn all about your own likes and dislikes. Explore your body; are you more likely to orgasm from clitoral or G-Spot stimulation? Do you like a bit of both? Do you prefer to add toys to the mix? All of this will help you guide your partner and feel more relaxed when it comes to sex.

Find your G-Spot

In order to experience female ejaculation, you’re going to need to make sure you (and ideally your partner) know exactly where your G-Spot is located. If you are to squirt, stimulating this area will likely play a big part in that. You should be able to find this area with your fingers, it’s located on the upper wall of the vagina and feels soft and spongy.

Relax and enjoy

We say this about every aspect of sex, and it applies here too – Sex should be fun and pleasurable, two things that require some relaxation. Don’t get wrapped up in trying to squirt. Just lie back and enjoy yourself!

Be patient

You can’t just flick a switch and make yourself squirt, it’s all about being patient and taking your time. Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, it’s important to set your expectations and take the time to become fully aroused. Try to make the most of drawn-out foreplay, involve sex toys and explore your fantasies, all of this will help you get there.

Best sex positions to make a woman squirt

Penetrative sex can be a great way to try and achieve female ejaculation, and there are certain positions that can directly stimulate the G-Spot to encourage this. You might find that you don’t squirt at all, even with some of these positions, but we’re certain you’ll have fun trying.

Speed Bump

The Speed Bump

This position is great for adding pressure to your G-Spot and in turn, your Skene glands, which can help you squirt.

Lie on your stomach and have your partner enter you from behind. As you specifically want pressure on your G-Spot, have your partner move their hips in a grinding motion, rather than thrusting in and out.

The Shard

The Shard

The Shard is another amazing position for G-Spot stimulation. Lift both of your legs into the air and support yourself by holding your thighs or resting your ankles on his shoulders. As your partner enters you, rest your feet on his chest for the ultimate G-Spot angle.

Lover's Lock

Lover’s Lock

Lie on your back, with your legs slightly tilted. Have your partner straddle one of your legs and wrap the other around his waist. If you know you tend to orgasm best with dual stimulation, this is a great position to use a clit stimulator with.

Best sex toys to make a woman squirt

Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, bringing a sex toy into the bedroom can enhance your chances of squirting and provide some mind-blowing pleasure. Here are some ideas to take things to the next level.

The Rampant Rabbit®

We love a good Rampant Rabbit® here at Ann Summers, and this one is absolutely perfect for those looking to stimulate their G-Spot.

The intense, internal stimulation, coupled with the amazing clitoral vibes, will help you reach mind-blowing orgasms, and will get you closer to squirting. Discover how to use a rabbit vibrator to hit the right spot.

G-Spot Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators are designed and sculpted to hit the right spot! Use one of these vibrators internally and take advantage of the multispeed vibrations that can help send you to the next level of internal pleasure!

Whether you can squirt or not, it can be a really fun thing to try and do on your own, or with a partner. Just be aware that what you may have seen in porn is very rarely a reality, and your experience will probably be very different from what you may have seen on screen.

If you find that you’ve tried everything and it’s simply not happening for you, that’s also totally normal. Every woman is different, and just like we all orgasm differently, squirting is something some of us do naturally and some of us don’t do at all.