Sex Position: The Lover's Lock

This Valentine’s Day, pleasure is guaranteed. Why not try a new move or two in the bedroom? Follow our guide to get the most out of The Lovers Lock – a position perfect for February 14th.

The Lovers Lock involves you laying on your back, hips slightly tilted as your partner straddles one of your legs and enters you with the other wrapped around their waist. This position allows you to make the most of any Valentine’s lingerie you’re rocking and with your free hands you can stimulate those red-hot zones.

This intimate position allows your partner to read your facial expression and take direction – ensuring you get it exactly how you want it. With your partner deep inside you, rock your hips back and forth for intense G-spot stimulation. If G-spot massage alone isn’t enough to bring you to climax, have either your partner or yourself massage your clitoris and add a small bullet vibe for extra sensations.

To make your Valentine’s red-hot freeze an ice cube tray of lube – from foreplay to The Lovers Lock, these will help you up the ante.

Rub your lips with the frozen lube before oral, pop a cube inside yourself to melt during intercourse or trail one down your torso, lubing up and stimulating your nipples.

The cold of the ice will heighten sensations and the lubricant will ensure that everything feels mind-blowing – take it from us.

Grind, rock and roll your way to climax.