How to use a rabbit vibrator?

Whether you’ve just bought a Rampant Rabbit® or you’re an avid user, knowledge is power when it comes to using a Rampant Rabbit® and maximising your sexual satisfaction. Here at Ann Summers, we’ve put together a guide featuring all there is to know about everyone’s favourite Rabbit so you can take your sexual satisfaction to new heights…

Who invented the Rampant Rabbit®?

We created the Rabbit here at Ann Summers and are proud to say that it’s become the world’s most popular sex toy for women – some would even say a real game changer. The Rampant Rabbit® may have been through several makeovers and changes over the years, but it’ll always be ours.

Here are a few tips to show you how to use a Rampant Rabbit® vibrator. Let’s get those batteries charged and dive in…

What is a rabbit vibrator?

A Rabbit vibrator is a vibrating sex toy with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft for added pleasure. Allowing for penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, the rabbit vibrator delivers intense pleasure, unmatched by any other sex toy.

What does a Rabbit vibrator do?

Each Rampant Rabbit® has its own unique features and functions, each delivering a distinctive feeling of unforgettable pleasure. A Rabbit vibrator adds another dimension to physical and psychological arousal and can be used to penetrate either yourself or a partner. Whether throbbing, thrusting, mini, mighty, rechargeable or rotating, our family of Rampant Rabbits® is constantly evolving so you’ll be sure to find a Rabbit vibrator which does exactly what you’re looking for.

How does a Rabbit vibrator work?

Direct stimulation

The classic Rabbit design, with the unmistakeable bunny ears to provide targeted stimulation of the clitoris, is iconic for a reason. The intense vibrations from the ears play a key role in achieving those amazing blended orgasms.

Rechargeable and reliable

With many of our toys, you can now throw away the classic batteries and enjoy a Rechargeable Rabbit. Offering more power and less noise, these toys just require a USB charge and they’re ready to go for hours on end.


The evolution of the Rampant Rabbit® has seen many amazing new features, and the Rotating Rabbit is up there. They contain beads in the shaft that are designed to massage your G-spot, all while the head rotates - there’s a world of pleasure to be found here.


Like most sex toys, Rampant Rabbits® slide into your vaginal canal and provide penetrative pleasure. Sometimes bigger is better, sometimes it’s not, and with a Petite Rabbit you can make that decision for yourself. These Rampant Rabbits® are perfect for those who don’t want a lot of length in their toy, or simply want something small and discreet to take away with them.

How to use a Rampant Rabbit®

As with any sex toy, or any sexual experience for that matter, there’s really no right or wrong way when it comes to using a Rampant Rabbit®. With such a wide variety of Rabbits on offer, there are many ways to play. When using the Rampant Rabbit®, take time to experiment and figure out what works best for you.

number 1

Work out those controls

Some Rabbits are quite simple to use, while some others have all kinds of features to enjoy. Take a little time to figure out the controls before you get going, that way you won’t be caught out by hitting the wrong button at a moment of climax!

number 2

Compliment it with lube

Honestly, we know we say this every time, but everything is better with lube. Using lube can be as simple as making things a little more comfortable, or as exciting as using tingling and warming lubes to add extra sensations. Make sure you’re using water-based lube when using a rabbit vibrator, or any toy, to avoid damaging it.

number 3

Get the position right

Your vibrating Rabbit is designed to specifically target different areas, so getting your positioning right is key. We’re all built differently, so finding the G-spot and clit at the same time might not always be simple. Try a few different positions and variations and you’ll get the perfect Rampant Rabbit® orgasm.

number 4

Make the most of its versatility

From thrusting penetration to clit stimulation, there are many ways to use a Rabbit dildo or vibrator. Making the most of its versatility is all part of the fun. Keeping it close to the body will keep the clit stimulator in contact, whereas longer strokes will remove it – great for those who like a little teasing, not so great for those who don’t! You’ll quickly work out what you like!

Using a Rampant Rabbit® with a partner

A Rampant Rabbit® is great for solo play, but it can also be a great addition with a partner. You can use it on yourself while giving or receiving oral, make the most of the vibrations during penetrative sex, or, well, just about anything else. Use your imagination!

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If you have a partner who hates on your Rabbit, there's only one solution. Show them exactly why it feels so good by using your rabbit on them. Start on low vibration settings so they can get used to the stimulations and then trial using the Rabbit on different areas of their body to find out where they find it most pleasurable.

Two heads are better than one

If you're a fan of anal exploration and experimentation, this one’s for you. On all fours, get your partner to insert your Rabbit vaginally from behind. This angle is amazing for hitting the G spot, and an incredibly hot way to work up to the main event. Make sure your partner uses plenty of lube, and then as they continue to thrust the Rabbit inside you, get them to gently enter you anally. Those stimulating vibes against your clit will relax you and the feeling of double penetration is a new way to play. Go slow, lube up and double your pleasure.

Rampant massage

The vibrations from a Rampant Rabbit® make them ideal for a sensual massage. Use massage oil all over their body and use your Rampant Rabbit® to send good vibes from head to toe. To turn it up a notch, use restraints to tie them down and take control; tease them as their body responds to the deep sensations and drive them wild by sliding over their genitals. Release them and swap over, it's only fair…

Vibe up oral

Add a unique, new sensation to oral escapades. The next time you go down on your partner, take your faithful Rabbit with you and hold against your throat. That's right – no contact with your clit (sorry). The rumbling vibes will transfer to them and give a new, tantalising twist to the act that they've probably never experienced before. Make sure you only use the vibe settings – turning on any shaft movements will be pointless and very uncomfortable against your throat. If they are in ecstasy and want even more, hold the Rabbit directly against them as they climax.

Are Rampant Rabbits® waterproof?

At Ann Summers, most of our Rampant Rabbits® are waterproof

When we say a toy is waterproof, we really do mean it. Waterproof tests are IPX rated. Most companies classify IPX4 as waterproof, which means the product has been splashed with water. At Ann Summers, our toys are fully submerged 1 meter under water for 30 mins and are classed IPX7.

All this means that you can take your Rabbit on a little field trip out of the bedroom and enjoy some wet and wild fun in the bathroom. Just make sure your particular Rabbit is definitely waterproof before getting started!

From thrusting dildos to G-spot rotating vibrators, The Rampant Rabbit® has been a hugely popular sex toy for many years, and with good reason! Did you know that in 1999 we sold over 1 million Rabbits in 12 months – this outstripped sales of washing machines and tumble driers combined!

As with any sex toy, choosing the right Rampant Rabbit® and learning how to make it really work for you is all about a little bit of experimentation. Just lie back, relax and let the Rabbit do the rest! And, if you’re wondering which is the best Rampant Rabbit® for you, find out the top 5 Rampant Rabbits® in our handy guide.

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