Men’s Sex Toy Guide

The male sex toy. Oh, how far it's come. Long gone are the days of the blow-up novelty sex doll – it's the 21st century, man. Time to get serious. Today's toys for the boys are the real deal, delivering vibrations as powerful and orgasms as overwhelming as the picks from the girls' aisle.

Just like any other sex toys, some are designed for solo play, some are meant for sharing, but just about all of them can be worked into foreplay, sex or masturbation - whatever works for you. Whether you're looking for something for yourself or want to surprise the man in your life with something special, you've come to the right place as we’ve put together our best male sex toys for you to explore.

The Best Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are a great way to mix things up a little. They’re a textured sleeve that delivers amazing sensations and feel so realistic.

Fleshlights pretty much set the standard in this area with their skin-soft, real-feel masturbation sleeves, disguised as a torch for total discretion. Some models vibrate, some come with adjustable suction, but all of our masturbators for men feel oh-so real.

Maybe you're looking for something a little less realistic – sensations you've never felt before? We have many options of male masturbators in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and textures. We can't tell you which will feel the best for you – it's all about what you like the look of, so make sure you explore the full range. Some more hi-tech options will even do the work for you, with internal motors to give you intense but effortless stimulation.

sex toys masturbator

The Best Cock Rings

Stay harder, for longer. All with a simple, stretchy cock ring. Sound too good to be true?

Cock rings restrict the blood flow out of your penis just enough to keep it where it's needed for longer. Simple stretchy options are great for beginners, but we have vibrating cock rings for those a little more advanced and looking for pleasure like no other for both parties.

Ann Summers cockring

Men’s Anal Toys

Whether you're curious to try something new or a little more advanced in anal play, there are just so many anal toys waiting togive you your fix. Just don't forget to lube up…

If you're experimenting with anal play for the first time, whether by yourself or with a partner, anal beads are the perfect training materials. PVC beads on a flexible cord get bigger and bigger as you insert them – they'll feel amazing when they're in, and even better when you pull them out. Do it exactly as you climax, and oh boy you’ll thank us.

Butt plugs are tapered for easy insertion, and usually with a wider base for safety. Butt plugs feel great when worn whether you're alone or with a partner and are popular in BDSM play too, for the extra control they give over the sub's body.

Looking for even more anal toys? Prostate massagers go deeper and will hit the spot like you won't even believe. Gentle curves, powerful vibrations, and two free hands to use as you please.

Ann Summers anal toys

Penis Extenders

After a little extra length? There are a few tricks for penis extension. So, how do penis extenders work? Penis pumps use suction to draw more blood into your penis for bigger, harder and more sensitive erections, and consistent use can make the results a little more permanent. Extension sleeves are a little less natural but combine the constricting effects of a cock ring with all kinds of fun options – they're not really designed for solo use, though.

Ann Summers clear cock ring

Male Vibrators

They're not specifically designed for men, but never underestimate just how good a bullet vibrator can feel on your penis – and we're not sure anyone, of any gender, can resist the awesome power of a wand. Use alone or during foreplay... you'll be buzzin'.

Ann Summers anal toys

With our top recommendations of male sex toys, your steamy night is ready and waiting for you. No matter which you go for and whether it’s for solo play or an intimate night with your partner, these men’s toys will drive you wild.