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Lesbian Sex Tips

Lesbian sex is much more than the false representation that we see in the mainstream porn industry. From absolute beginners, to long-term female couples, there is a world of pleasure to be had.

How do lesbians have sex?

Like any type of sex there really is no right or wrong, it’s down to what you and your partner enjoy and feel comfortable with, that said, lesbian sex is often misrepresented in porn. So, other than watching women doing particularly wooden acting and playing out ridiculous scenarios, how do you pick up lesbian sex tips that are sure to take your fun between the sheets to the next level?

We can’t blame people for a poor understanding of lesbian sex and relationships, after all, it was only in 2019 that the government announced plans to include LGBTQ+ relationships into the school sex education curriculum.

Don’t worry, Ann Summers have you covered. We’ve put together our top lesbian sex tips, so whether you’re happily in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, you’ll know what you’re doing.

First time lesbian sex tips

If you’re having lesbian sex for the first time it’s normal to feel apprehensive. It might feel like a big moment for both of you, so here’s a few hints and tips on how to make your first time amazing:

number 1

People often say, “sex happens in the head first” and this is especially true with two women. Forging an emotional connection through talking and foreplay will lead to a much more close and intense experience.

number 2

Listen to your partner. Try to gauge her reactions to everything you do.

number 3

Don’t rush into it. There’s much more to lesbian sex than just going down on each other and you have more than just your tongue to use. Kissing, touching and caressing every erogenous zone is just as important, enjoy the build-up.

number 4

Practice makes perfect. One bonus of lesbian sex is that you share the same anatomy as your partner – so practice on it! Figure out what feels good for you and try it on her. She can also do the same for you.

Lesbian sex positions

As we mentioned earlier there is unlimited potential when it comes to lesbian sex, but we’ve picked out our top three lesbian sex positions to help spark some magic between the sheets (or wherever you please):

number 1

Sexy Spooning - Turn cuddling up a notch with the sexy spoon. All you have to do is spoon each other then, whoever is the big spoon, can reach around and touch the little spoon. Find the rhythm by moving your hips, the big spoon can also use their fingers or a strap on to provide penetrative pleasure from behind.

number 2

Scissoring - It wouldn’t be a list of lesbian sex positions without good old scissoring. Have your partner lie on their side and then you straddle their leg so that your clitoris' are both aligned. Once you're set up, grind as much as you please!

number 3

69- The 69 position allows both of you to give and receive clitoral stimulation simultaneously. One of you lies on top of the other in an opposite-facing direction. That way, both of your mouths land right in between each other's legs. Which leads nicely onto…

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Lesbian oral sex tips

number 1

When building the tension, try licking, kissing and blowing around her inner thighs, working your way upwards – even starting behind her knees. It’s an extremely sensitive area that’s sure to have her desperate for you to move on to her clitoris.

number 2

Remember there are thousands of nerve endings down there. Seeking them all out will be a lot of fun for both of you.

number 3

Don’t be afraid to slip your tongue (or a finger or two) into her vagina. If you do insert your fingers, curl them towards the front of her body in a ‘come hither’ motion to find her g-spot. Keep stimulating her clitoris at the same time and she’ll soon be in a world of pleasure.

Want to take your oral skills up a notch? Our guide to going down on a woman has loads of expert tips to help you perfect your oral technique, you’ll become a pro in no time at all!

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Lesbian Sex Toys

The great thing about lesbian sex is that there are plenty of ways to change things up very easily, and we have all kinds of suggestions here at Ann Summers. From sex toys to licks and lubes, adding something extra to your bedroom activity could be just the ticket.


Using your fingers can be great during sex but swapping it out for a dildo can help you get a little deeper and let your hands focus on providing pleasure elsewhere. Picking a dildo can rely on several different factors, some couples enjoy double-ended dildos, whereas some find a phallic shaped toy a turn off. Our How to Choose a Dildo guide has got you covered with all kinds of options for every occasion.

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Sure, dildos are great, but vibrators can really help to add some intense new sensations that are sure to drive you both wild. Toys like bullet vibrators are perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation, whilst vibrating dildos are great for internal stimulation; a vibrator is the ideal tool to spice up lesbian sex.

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Anal Toys

Anal stimulation can add an extra element to sex, so it’s perfect for spicing up your love life. A vibrating butt plug can help to stimulate those nerve endings around the anus and add to the pleasure. Just check out our Beginner’s Guide to Anal Toys and give it a try…

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Speaking of lubricant, a selection of flavoured lubes and licks can help make sex that little bit tastier. Just pick a flavour, from strawberry to candy floss and beyond, apply it wherever you’d like on your partner and lick away!

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If you and your partner fancy experimenting with hancuffs, whips and restraints, bondage could be the perfect way to enhance your sex life. It can lead to all kinds of role-playing fun so you can fufil your fantasies.

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The list of amazing things lesbian couples can do in bed really is endless and it’s all about exploration, communication, and pleasure of course! We know the mainstream isn’t filled with realistic lesbian representation, (especially when it comes to sex) but that just means there’s even more opportunity to throw the rulebook out of the window and do whatever you and your partner enjoy.